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  1. I haven't been down that way in months and have not been able to find any information as to wether or not it was blown out by flooding. Thanks!
  2. Smokey and the Bandit (goes without saying) Blues Brothers (goes without saying) Chrystal (Billy Bob thornton wrote, directed and had leading role.....was filmed in Eureka Springs and is actually a great movie in my opinion) The Devils Rejects (Rob Zombie is a genius) Forrest Gump (Bonuses: The Big Lebowski and Pineapple Express), sorry...had to throw those in.
  3. I have had more fun catching carp in the creeks and wet areas along the MO river than I have had while catching Redfish in Florida. I enjoy it. I did have a conversation with a Park Ranger north of Weston, Missouri last weekend (after he checked my license) and we started talking about bowfishing. He said most guys just leave them on the bank, which isn't a problem in the Bean Lake and Lewis and Clark lake areas. I was surprised to hear this. He was referring to Asian carp, common carp, and gar. (fyi, I don't necessarily agree with this)
  4. This still sickens me....saw something else about it online today.....geez. If he is mentally incompetent, then he still needs to go....take him out back and euthanize him...he won't even know the difference...(and it will make alot of people feel better) If he is mentally aware, then let the parents have a go at him or put him in general prison population and make sure everyone knows his crime.
  5. I have a 4 year old girl and she is the most personable and social child I have ever seen....I've had to talk to her about strangers many many times....I hate to say it but I see someone as a threat before I see them as harmless now....unfortunately.....just the way it is....doesn't matter to me if they are a teacher, law enforcement, even a preacher/minister.....
  6. There are certain types of people that CANNOT be fixed......once it is proven,this guy needs to be euthanized....immediately, inhumanely Oh, and I don't give a dam about the whole mental health factor.....and I don't care if that bothers anyone.......life isn't fair http://www.ky3.com/news/local/man-charged-with-murder-in-childs-death-in-branson-motel/21048998_31414910
  7. Has anyone been on the Womble Trail in Arkansas? I am headed down in a couple of months and I am thinking about taking my 29r single speed...I've heard the climbs aren't to awful
  8. Westbranch.....I think I ran into you near Taney on friday night. You mentioned Ozark anglers and ive always had my bookmark named "LilleysLanding" ....anyway it was good to talk two handed rods with you. Taney is an ideal river for that.....I havent been able to spend much time there in several years.....but still surprised I havent seen switch or spey rods when units are running
  9. Hey Podum, which Allen reels do you have and what do you think of them? Thanks
  10. Lamson has another inexpensive reel in their line up now...called the "Liquid", $100, looks pretty nice. I bet the fit and finish is good even for a cast reel, due to their manufacturing reputation (the body is made over seas). I think the blank for the Konics are made overseas and then "skim cut" in the US....but it looks like the body of this reel is made completely overseas, but has the same US Made drag system they are known for... http://waterworks-lamson.com/products/lamson-liquid/ Throw that on a Cabelas Traditional 2 or TFO Signature Series with RIO Mainstream and you will
  11. In the Banana River area (Florida), Doug Blanton, good guide and will spend extra time with you In the Mosquito Lagoon area (Florida), John Turcot, crazy interesting dude but a really good guide In the Tomoka/Halifax river area (Florida), Kent Gibbens, older guy who tells it like it is, funny guy with lots of stories and long time guide I have fished with each of these guys and had great trips. If you can get a slight warming trend between cold fronts you can have good Redfish/Speckled Trout trips all winter. Just my .02, hope it will help. These areas cover from Ormond Beach
  12. I used to rent a campsite from Cozy Acres occasionally to access the river in that area. Is this campsite still open? I am coming down Nov 7-10 and it looks like fishing is closed at that time. I found an email address and and sent an inquiry but haven't heard anything back (I've always had responses in the past)
  13. I like this trail....although I have a nasty scar on my elbow (down to the bone) from a fall a couple years ago (hit a rock slab that was slick and hit the ground REALLY hard). I went to the nearest gas station, bought some butterfly bandages and decided to skip the emergency room (healed like crap and itched like crazy for 2 years but has finally leveled out). Fast and slow sections....some technical short steep climbs with rocks and some fast smooth sections. I rode it on a hard tail that I have since switched to a rigid carbon front fork and will hopefully get to ride the Sac trail aga
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