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    walking the creek for smallmouth & goggleye, hybrid fishing below truman, walleye and whites in upper bull
  1. A small live crawdad hooked through the tail on a jighead is deadly
  2. was wondering the same thing. may be the last high water year before the big ones are gone. glad they are begining a stocking program this summer. anyone know if the smaller ones run with white bass in spring? would be fun to hook into 4, 8, or 12 pounders on my ultralight in bever creek.
  3. can be good if you can handle the gar. bs has huge crappie
  4. I ben catching them on watermelon sliders dusk to after dark. Ben once since mdc shocked and no bites.
  5. Any fresh reports,or even rumors. wondering about hybred and crappie. thinking about making the 2 1/2 hr trip would feel better if i knew something. thanks.
  6. I caught 3 walleye last friday night at the pothole, only 2 were keepers the biggest 20 in. sadly that's a good night for me. that was my 4th trip this late winter,first time to connect.
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