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  1. Looks like another great Jig Fest! I hate that we had to miss out. Hopefully next time!
  2. Boat is still available for anyone interested.
  3. Oh for sure! I have decided to sell this one and buy something I can fish more on the lakes with. I've been crappie fishing a lot lately. I've still got access to a river boat so I am pretty lucky in that way.
  4. It was a great time! You should buy it and take me fishing in it.
  5. I have used it it, yes, but never did try recording my track. I'm sure it is a good feature.
  6. Hey guys, I've decided to sell my Topwater. Here are the details... 2017 Topwater 2160 60/40 Mercury jet (very low hours) 2017 EZ-Loader Custom Deluxe Trailer w/ folding tongue and factory applied spray-on liner (includes spare) Over-sized front and rear decks (custom, see pics) Aqua Marine Deck (similar to Sea Deck) applied to both Front and Rear Decks Minnkota PowerDrive 55 w/ I-pilot (12v) Minnkota Electric Anchor winch 40LB (includes remote switch at driver seat) Bluetooth radio and speakers 2 Bank on-board battery charger Aerated Live well Extra storage at rear deck rod tubes on both sides rod trays on both sides 12 gallon fuel tank (upgraded from 6gal) Custom Boat Cover 3 spider chairs 1 chair on rear Fish finder not included (I will try to get better pictures next week) $18,500
  7. 4 is the most I want slinging hooks at once. Handles that pretty easily though.
  8. I run the Mercury 40 jet. I didn't trust that I knew the river well enough to stay with a prop.
  9. No website unfortunately. I can give the owners number or both Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock and Hodges Marine are his dealers. I'm happy to give what info I can as well.
  10. I really really like my topwater 2160. It's very stable with that 60"width and runs very shallow. Easy and fun to fish out of. Highly recommend.
  11. No kidding - GREAT DAY!!!! Happy for him but jealous, haha!
  12. You can always put in at the confluence and fish the White/Norfork area if its min flow.
  13. Eric, it was great to see you, Rob, and Mike out on the water - sorry we weren't able to visit. Your boat looks great! Were you able to run it much or did the low water keep you from opening it up?
  14. Nice!!! Cant wait to see it.
  15. The 23" was caught on a river minnow at Cotter and the other two were caught on jigs at Rim.
  16. Here are some pictures of the better fish - It was a great time! Mine was 18", Caleb's was 23", and my dad's was... no telling. He didn't measure it and we harassed him about holding the fish like a shotgun. haha
  17. Here is the link to my original thread. And... My boat still isn't 100% complete. Lol
  18. HAHAHAHA! This is the truth!
  19. Congrats! I want to see those colors. Did you go direct or thru dealer? I love my 2160.
  20. We can help monetarily or we can bring stuff...or both. I'll have myself, dad, and brother this year. Griz, it seems like you are keeping up with it so just tell me what to do and consider it done. LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!
  21. Please let me know what we can do to help. We'll be staying in Cotter but will come to hangout with you guys and break bread for the evening.
  22. Looks like myself, dad, and brother will make it again this year. We'll be staying at our place in Cotter. We have a couple of boats so if anyone needs a seat please let me know. Looking forward to it!
  23. If you want it pretty straight forward and not many customizations I would work through the dealer for sure. Send me a message if you have any questions. Those colors sound good.
  24. I think I am coming to Jig Fest. If so, you are welcome to look through my New TopWater 2160. Are you working through a dealer or direct?
  25. Maybe by that time I'll know how to operate it! haha We'll be heading over this weekend. Weather looks like it will be great, hopefully the fishing will be too.
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