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  1. Boat ramp

    That is a pain for sure I don't think the guy I know has a big boat so they probably don't have that problem
  2. Boat ramp

    That's kinda what I figured a guy I work with went up there some where around Bennett springs but I don't know what kind of boat they use or how big it is there's too much plant growth in the water to gig suckers? We've been going on the James River since September 15th when we started we only had about two and a half feet of visibility I can't imagine it's that dingy now
  3. Boat ramp

    Have heard the gigging is good on the niangua and am wanting to know of a boat ramp that has a good strech we could put in at and gig thanks
  4. My Second Walleye This Year...

    Fishing dose slow down a lot when it gets cold but I probably hit the river more in the winter than the summer either gigging or running a trap line
  5. Who's ready

    Got another 16 last night
  6. Who's ready

    When last night for a few hours at blunks killed 13 had a good night
  7. My first Muskie

    I wasn't doging on them I more or less ment if if they had never introduced any thing would it be different
  8. My first Muskie

    I can understand where he's coming from trout trout and most other species that have been introduced to the state do survive here better than Muskie so I can understand where he's coming from but who's to say if he's wrong or right I like fishing for trout and I'd like to try to fish for muskie but who says Fisheries in this area wouldn't be better if we just left things alone there's two sides to every story
  9. Fishing license

    No problem
  10. Fishing license

    Thanks is the ramp in good shape
  11. My first Muskie

    I am all for restoring the white river no more lakes but what about the one that aren't in lakes like crane creek
  12. Fishing license

    Can any one tell me how to get to romp hole.
  13. My first Muskie

    So you want to get rid of all the trout here as well
  14. My first Muskie

    Water temp was 77 on Friday the marina said it was time to start fishing for musky
  15. Fishing license

    Thanks I think I'm going to try to fish from state line down pretty soon looks like a good stretch

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