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  1. Whites?

    Males have been caught around longs camp and McCord bend but the bigger females are few and far between this is what I was hearing and seeing as of two days ago
  2. Fishing reports

    Went out yesterday and fished for about 4 hours put in at hooten town and ran down about half way to mcall bridge water temp was 53 4.05 feet at Boaz 932 ft3 per second. Didn't catch many fish no keepers fish seemed to prefer minnow style baits especially jerk baits had several good hits in some area with less current especially back wash areas but I think they where mostly swiping at it as most came off before getting to the boat or where foul hooked I think slack current in direct sun light would probably be your best bet.
  3. River boat tournament

    I get that you definitely don't need a jet for the take off location it just seemed like that was the idea when they said river boat only no bass boats I assumed that ment jet boats
  4. Fishing reports

    Any one have any reports from before the flood going out Saturday and was wanting to know what's working
  5. River boat tournament

    Ok the way they said it was a river boat only tournament which I assumed ment a jet boat only tournament
  6. River boat tournament

    40 dollars a tournament all launches are at flat creek ramp in cape fair there is better info on their Facebook page.
  7. River boat tournament

    Outboard jet only
  8. River boat tournament

    I am I can't speak for the others I'm not running the tournament just giving a little free advertisement
  9. Old pic

    I think it just depends on the fish and the day yellows and red horse tend to be moving more often but they will set some times especially near logs or large bed rock bottoms hog suckers almost always lay still but they have amazing camouflage so they can risk it i think it depends on the amount of pressure they see this year not many guys went and we killed a limit in an hour and a half even thought we gigged the same stretch every weekend all season long. last year was a different story
  10. Old pic

    I've gigged from both small jon boats and now my own jet isI like how stable my jet is speed isnt a noticeable difference but we gig in a pretty slow strech of water hitting a moving target that is usually darting in different directions can be tricky but it's worth the trouble great tasting fish
  11. Old pic

    That's what everyone says so far the best I've seen a new guy do is four on his first night it's no where near as easy as it looks as for bass in the nets if you run one across a river and get a couple guys to walk fish down to it you get what ever hits it I've heard old timers talk about filling up 50 and 60 burlap sack with fish on a weekly basis if you ever want to give gigging a try my boat is open all season
  12. Old pic

    I'm actually getting a copy of that book tomorrow
  13. Old pic

    Back before we had a fish and game all fish where fair game however suckers where the most popular and fishwrench it dosent sound like you've talked with very many old time river men ever heard of fish traps or tramel nets one day of useing those probably landed more fish than 99% of people get in a year and you should try gigging it's a blast and a lot harder than it looks
  14. River boat tournament

    If you are interested in fishing a river boat only styletournament check out flat creek buddy bass masters on Facebook
  15. Boat ramp

    That is a pain for sure I don't think the guy I know has a big boat so they probably don't have that problem

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