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  1. Some pme could have been campong there aren any campgrounds that far up the river the guys snagging walk down the bank from the road
  2. AI've seen a lot of people snag there I always assumed it was ok to park but I wasn't about to tell some one it was ok to cut down the side of somebodies place
  3. Thanks for the help you guys talking to people on here and some other people that I know we decided to put in it Doniphan and run down river thanks for everything
  4. I assume grass pickerel we called them creek pike all the time
  5. I've caught lots of them in a creek smaller than crane creek it's also in northern stone county
  6. I'm kinda opposite I do trout fish and enjoy it but I always find it wierd people fish these rivers for trout as they aren't native
  7. I'll be in a jet boat myself so they won't be as much of a bother to me
  8. I'm looking for a chance to catch a quality smallmouth but want to avoid as many floaters as I can
  9. Looking to come fish for smallmouth on the current would you guys pick van buren or donaphian trying to avoid as many floaters as I can but at the same time be in an area to catch quailty i fush out of a 40 horse jet boat.
  10. If that's up where I think it is we have gigged several good messes of suckers from there
  11. That the old Delaware bridge pillar
  12. I noticed that on Wednesday the wind picked up and the bottom came to life and we caught fish then the wind died and they where gone I'm not a deep fishermen I'm trying to learn but not havingmuch luck
  13. Thanks the last good bunch we got in to was above Ashers on the forth no monsters but some fish the where on roll offs hopefully I can figure them out again thanks
  14. Any new reports for the area how's the drop shot doing up there?
  15. I'm wanting to take my grandfather on a bird hunt before he's no longer able to go. And I was wondering if any one could recommend any of the hunting lodges here in southern mo
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