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  1. Jacob McIntosh

    Found a Walleye

    If that's up where I think it is we have gigged several good messes of suckers from there
  2. Jacob McIntosh

    Found a Walleye

    That the old Delaware bridge pillar
  3. Jacob McIntosh


    I noticed that on Wednesday the wind picked up and the bottom came to life and we caught fish then the wind died and they where gone I'm not a deep fishermen I'm trying to learn but not havingmuch luck
  4. Jacob McIntosh


    Thanks the last good bunch we got in to was above Ashers on the forth no monsters but some fish the where on roll offs hopefully I can figure them out again thanks
  5. Jacob McIntosh


    Any new reports for the area how's the drop shot doing up there?
  6. Jacob McIntosh

    Bird ranches

    I'm wanting to take my grandfather on a bird hunt before he's no longer able to go. And I was wondering if any one could recommend any of the hunting lodges here in southern mo
  7. Jacob McIntosh

    Friday trip June 1

    Several of the spring fed creeks in the area hold pickerel but they are on private property
  8. Jacob McIntosh

    Lower End 7-3-18

    I'm going to be throwing a big spoon as well
  9. Jacob McIntosh

    Lower End 7-3-18

    All mine where hitting it good but only eating the hook
  10. Jacob McIntosh

    Lower End 7-3-18

    I've been able to get them to bite a white spoon when I see them schooling on shad
  11. Jacob McIntosh


    We did a little better today 3 keepers and several small one found them on bluffs tryed some drop shot but I'm not much of a drop shot fishermen
  12. Jacob McIntosh

    Shelving rock hole access

    That I do not know when I've fished it I ran my jet boat to it did walk up once I've seen people dropped of up there but never seen any one park I bieleve the property owner live just across the bridge you could ask to park there
  13. Jacob McIntosh

    Smallmouth float

    Rain is a big factor up until the middle of June In my 1752 blazer I could go from Jamesville to the lake with no problems
  14. Jacob McIntosh

    Shelving rock hole access

    Depends it's not to bad near the banks its limestone bottom so can be slick. Would probably be almost as easy to walk down from the bridge. An old timer from Jamesville called that the Simon hole.
  15. Jacob McIntosh

    Wanting a good spot for kids

    You could put in at the park and paddle up a ways and float down

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