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  1. gabe: I was raised in Tulsa and raised my girls there. In 2000 I took a sabbatical from the first career (law) that turned into a career change. The lovely wife was also very tired of her first career (telecommunications). In 2002 we moved here. I teach English at Eureka Springs and the lovely wife teaches math at Green Forest. Yes, I know I am lucky to live on a fantastic lake and to have a job that lets me fish many days. I was just very tired of bad weather yesterday. By the way, Skiatook Lake, just on the other side of Barnsdall from Tulsa, tended to be a clearer than average Oklahom
  2. 915 is the normal power pool elevation. The lake level permanent topic at the head of the forum page will show you the current reading and several days of history. Right now the lake level is headed toward 917 even though the corps is generating nearly continuously.
  3. I am home today, again, because of the snow. The school buses don't run here if it's at all slick. Too many mountains to fall off. This is the third snow day over and above the snow days the district allotted. That means I'll still be teaching the first week of June. This displeases me greatly. On top of that, every time it has thought of warming this year, another front has dumped cold rain or snow melt in my lake. By Sunday, water was beginning to clear and the temp was near 50, the magic number. This morning I am sure it is back down close to 40 and I imagine the milk chocolate is back.
  4. With the water at or near 915, there are no real tricky spots other than logs that have fallen in the river and partially sunk. The current moves these from time to time so you have to keep an eye open. Upstream you can motor around the bend almost to the 65 bridge. To go above that you need a river/trout boat or full flow from the dam. Once you get past the bridge you can usually reach Spider Creek. At 910 you have a whole different story with several hazards between Holiday Island and Beaver and a large rocky shoal not far downstream from Houseman. Hope this helps.
  5. Launched at Holiday Island about 9:00 AM this morning. Water temp was 45 and water clarity was about 2 feet. Much trash on the water. Went up river as far as Houseman. Much clearer up there, maybe 5 feet. Fished both TR Shad and clown jerkbaits as well as roadrunners looking for walleye and white bass. No joy. Came in around 1:30 when I got tired of fighting the wind. By then surface temp was nearly 47. I remain hopeful the fish will move shallow and upriver soon. When they do, I'll file a fishing report.
  6. Let's tell the truth. The best time of the day, in the summer and on Table Rock, is between the time you can crawl to the marina ramp and the time you can can tell if your spook or wake bait is performing. rps
  7. The table rock recovery has been a slide over to spotted bass abd other substitutes. The largemouth are now beginning to come back. Personally, I can't believe how strong the fishery is. rps
  8. Actually, that was a modest want list. Can't help you with any of it. As I said in the last post, I went topwater hunting this morning. I said I would report any success. A large mixed school of spotted and largemouth spent nearly an hour chopping shad off Point 25 this morning. They were after small shad and difficult to catch until I tried a fluke. Caught 7 including two keepers. Nice change from earlier this week. Later in the morning, while trolling for walleye, I had my first double in a long time.
  9. I've fished three mornings in the last seven days. I've spooked, run the new wake bait, and popped with a Chug Bug. The longest fish on topwater might have measured 12 inches. And you are right. Most of those I have caught on top are spotted bass busy busting tiny baitfish. I am going out again in the morning. If I figure out how to change the pattern, I will let you know. rps
  10. Buy a gallon jar of jalepenos. Use the juice to paint around where they enter your attic and where they gnaw. BTW, do this while wearing gloves and avoid you own eyes and nose. You have no idea how easy it is to casually dismiss the danger of playing in that much jalepeno juice. When you are finished with the juice, figure out who needs jalepeno jelly for Christmas. good luck. rps
  11. I hope everyone out there did better on the bass this morning than I did. I fished near point 26 (Roaring River entrance) and saw many fish chasing shad on top but never near enough to me to make a difference. Only one dink on topwater then I switched to plastics. My sonar showed me many fish in the 26 to 34 foot range. All of them were obviously not hungry. I next tried to find deeper fish as Don House suggested. No joy. Changed species and went long lining. Hooked three keeper walleye, landed two - 19 and 26 inches. The one that pulled off was in between. All came off flat edges at 26 to
  12. On the White River, assuming flood or drownings do not intervene, generation is driven by power demand. Friday, Saturday, Sunday on hot days, people turn on the AC and the power goes on. Usually in the afternoon/evening. Because the flow is the single largest change on a change, fish where the flow changes at any water level. Enjoy! Catch many fish, most of whom you return to the water soon. Come back soon! rps
  13. Bravo! If we could all adapt so quickly, we might all catch fish! I did not adapt as quckly. rps
  14. Went out again on Saturday for the same reasons I was out after noon before. Five spotted bass between 12 and 16 inches. No walleye. Maybe tomorrow? If I go, I will ler you iknow. rps
  15. Your reports are helpful and instructive. Thank you. rps
  16. Danoinark: Interesting. Many opinions, some very strongly stated in me versus them terms, all unsupported by scientific studies. It will be interesting to read the actual regs instead of the preconceived notions of those who speculate. rps
  17. A separate note to Danoinark: I don't know what it is - well actually I suspect I do -, but I agree about the Eagle Claw Featherlight. They, and the Browning Silaflex rods, have a comfortable, efficient, and well designed action. Before my father passed, I rebuilt one of each for him with modern Fuji guides. I have those rods now, but I do not have the nerve to use them. Some things are too valuable. rps
  18. Gentlemen: I have enjoyed the discussion. I believe we agree in more areas than we may disagree. Oddly, I do not see this as an us versus them discussion so much as an opportunity to expose how often others turn things into a me versus them. My best wishes to all of you and I hope to meet you in person some day. rps
  19. cc: With respect, please identify scientific studies that compare the kill rate of single barbless hooks to barbless trebles. Flies versus bait, especially as practiced by the I want my hook back so I'll pull until it rips out crowd, that is a no brainer. I am careful when fishing bait, but I will acknowledge the risk to the fish is higher with bait. When I fish for trophy browns, I am ambivalent about the act. (I do not use powerbait or corn. I fish sculpin, crawfish, and crickets) I have not seen a study with control groups, post catch follow up, etc. that does what you state. All the stud
  20. I do not mean to criticize any one posting here, but I want to make a point about "catch and release" areas. Who decided that catch and release areas for trout, especially those seasonal ones designed to protect fish while they go through the spawning motions, need to be single barbless hook? The answer is the trout activists - translate to the organized fly fishermen. TU. Men and women with the time and money to spend on expensive gear, join clubs, etc. Now I know that not all fly fishermen are wealthy. However, the demographics to prove my point here exist. Just look where the fly fishing eq
  21. Spent some time out yesterday (25th) afternoon. Did not do my usual early out because I have workmen coming to the house. The new floor and wall pianting projects for this summer are finally started. When I did go, I saw quite a bit of very brief and isolated shad chasing on top. Nothing large enough or lasting long enough for me to get there. Nor did it repeat in the same places like sometimes happens so you can wait on it. My intent in going out was to try a new pattern for walleye. I worked the inside bend and edge of the large flat point downstream from Fletchers, starting at the hig
  22. While fishing for legitimate species I have been surprised a number of times. One Spring on Tenkiller I caught a 16 pound flathead. I've hooked spoonbill while throwing striper flies below Keystone. I caught a gar on a top water earlier this year - not my first accidental gar but my first on a top water. Other surprises include carp, drum, buffalo, herring, and snakes. I hate snakes.
  23. I was anxious to try out the wake baits I bought and modified so I went out even though it was Saturday. The weather gods sent in the clouds and wind around 6:30. This delayed and reduced the boaters and jetski maniacs. I stayed out until noon. From 8:00 on I was slow trolling for walleyes. I was graphing hooks in the 25 to 30 foot range so I used a large Cabelas Walleye Runner on 120 feet of superline. The trolling bible says that meant the baits were running at 26 feet. I caught three keeper walleye and one hammer handle. The fish came out of treetops on the bluffs I have described before
  24. Tried out the silver black jointed Thunderstick Saturday morning. Per advice, I concentrated on bluff ends and rocky points with timber. It runs great, although less wind would have made the V wake more noticeable. Five bass hooked up - all small - and several others missed. I saw numerous followers. The fish did not seem very active on top so I assume it would have been a tough day with my Spook as well. Next time I am out I will try the actual red fin.
  25. I'm headed out in the morning, probably down river toward Eagle Rock. I will keep an eye on the graph and report all I notice.
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