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  1. They dumped rip-rap around one of the buildings after 2008. Is that holding or are the pictures of that location? Trying to determine if rip-rap would be good for shoreline errosion control along Taneycomo, even during floods.
  2. Amistad can be great fishing at times. But I'd rather deal with some rain rather than bullets flying around my head from the drug dealers.
  3. Great catch. Do you know what color boat they were in?
  4. Vacation, Why don't you post the big fish of the day???
  5. 92 Champion Docked on Taneycomo with occasional excursions to TR. On TR, I'm usually fishin the finest with Vacation.
  6. Interesting info. Thank you. One more question. Are they still able to generate power at powersite. I've read some conflicting stories about the last couple years.
  7. What are the splash boards' purpose? Someone told me they were made out of wood. True? Just curious.
  8. Champ

    Fog Alert

    Good reminder, Trav. Also, if you are going to be sitting out there fishing have your lights on, expecially around dark. Does anybody know who to contact about getting red marker lights put on bridge pilings. I know they have them at Lake of the Ozarks and Table Rock. Would be nice to have them on Taney.
  9. Champ

    The Slow Lane

    I think I hit the same log as you in the low water. Luckily no damage I could see. Did I hear that there are some boards the are on powersite dam and they have been removed? Maybe I'm dreaming that up. I finally put those minnows to good use and caught a few crappie up roark in the low clear water next to some brush piles. They were small and I had to fight off the blue gills to get the good fish.
  10. Champ

    Fishing Report

    I was the one in the burgandy Champion (dual console) buying minnows and up bull creek. I wish I had a better report. Tuesday evening, we had some crappie bites up bull and wanted to try them on minnows yesterday. However, it was muddy with current and wind. Only got a couple white bass on the minnows before joining a conference call from work. By that time, it was getting chilly, so headed back home. Should have tried again today, but will go back out tomorrow. Hopefully I have a better report.
  11. Phil, I live down in taneycomo acres. Friday night around 9pm cops where patroling area. Sunday, around 4am, I swore I heard someone banging around my house. Snooped around and didn't find anything, but a cat. Don't know if this is related. Do you know how they got in?
  12. If you are going to spend time/money on fixing that old steering system, I would look into upgrading to hydraulic steering, like new boats have. Sea Star, by Teleflex, has the kit. I helped someone upgrade thier bass boat a few years ago and it is amazing how well it works compared to the old cable system. Easy to turn at high speeds. You don't have that steering torque any more and can take your hand off the wheel without it turning. Saved some money by getting the kit directly from the parts department from the boat manufacturer. Took some work getting it installed, but really not too bad. Good project for this time of year.
  13. Check this out... w w w.bwbmag.com/output.cfm?id=942715 I use wet cell batteries and change them every 4/5 years. However I bought the wall mart yellow batteries and they failed after 18 months. 18 month warrantee. Only takes one bad one to ruin both batteries in a 24 volt system. I did get new ones of the same kind because I did get some money on the old ones. Will keep a close eye on how they hold up. Those batteries are made by a few different large manufacturers.
  14. Congrats! Just had my first fishing buddy 2 months ago. Still not old enough to fish, but watched the boats go by last weekend for a little bit. Had fun.
  15. I noticed that ramp, too. I also noticed that there is a canoe parked there during some days and it is parked under the bridge at Racoon Creek (?). My theory is that the guy lives on one side of the lake and canoes to work on the other.
  16. The lake has an odor lately, since they've ran water a few days ago. A real fishy smell. I smell it below fall creek. Anyone else notice this?
  17. Any damage to personal docks?
  18. I just want to add that I wasn't trying to pass judgement, I would really like to fish that area and was hopeing you all would say that it's public or the owner didn't care. Looking at the map, it looks like the pond is divided into 2 parcel's of land and she ownes both parcels and the border is just around the pond, with no buildings. I don't think she owns the tracks and it seems you could stand on the tracks and fish. Of course tracks are private too, I suppose. I have heard that if ponds are built using federal or state money, then the public has a right to be on it. No clue if this is true or not or if this is the case here.
  19. Is that area public or private. When I looked at the plat, it looked like it was private. YOUNGDAHL DIANE N (KAY) ETAL 14105 NW 67TH PL PARKVILLE, MO 64152-5252
  20. I threw some eggs off the dock yesterday afternoon for about 30 min. No bites. Water was muddy. Anxious to see what phil gets today.
  21. Anyone hear about when Bass Pro or Gage's Marina is going to start building docks at the landing? I've heard the rumor a while ago that BP had a little trouble with permits. Also any rumors on when they are going to have the resteruant done? Just looking forward to boating up to the landing to grab a burger and a beer at Garfields.
  22. Don't worry. Just because programming will be broadcast in HD in 2008, doesn't mean you have to watch it in HD. You can convert it down to analog.
  23. Looking for Fishing Swap Meets/Outdoor conventions or Boat shows in SW Missouri. Empire Fairgrounds did not have anything listed. Anybody heard of anything coming up? I'm hoping that the new convention center at the Landing will bring a few of these in. I've talked to a few people that want to bring in Home Shows/Sports shows. Thanks.
  24. Personally, I feel Jim Stowers can put his money wherever he wants. It's just good to know where that money comes from, Stowers' personal fortune made by American Century. Also, not-for-profit corporation does not mean big money isn't involved. I don't know if Jim Stowers will gain anything from this, but the Stowers institute will. The way I understand, at the end of the year, the not-for-profit must make sure the money taken in is put somewhere as to not show a profit. I am not an accountant, but the money can go to employee salaries, investments, buildings, land, charity, etc.
  25. George Soros: Libral Political Activist Jim Stowers: Head of American Century Investments. Invlolved in Stowers Institute for Medical Research. Provided much of the funding for the Amendment 2 Initiative.
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