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  1. The yak have it figured out. Catch, measure, take picture on board and release. They then if they wish send picture to tournament judges and they put it in an online leaderboard. Total inches on best 5.
  2. I think they need to go back to 18 in limit on the eyes. Was very disappointed in MDC when they changed it to 15.
  3. As are Jackie and I , if only we could be as kind and caring as Bill was what a wonderful world it would be.
  4. Nicest guy you would ever meet. God Speed Bill Beck.
  5. My cousin, Dr Brian Green biology professor at Missouri State told me whenever he needed cottonmouth specimens he always went to eagle rock area to get them.
  6. Marlon was a carthage native. There's a big bronze statue of him in central park in carthage. I remember he had another sidekick, belive his name was Stan. He always went barefoot running around the jungles.
  7. I think wrestling masks would do the trick. Think I will order a Nacho Libre mask.
  8. Instead of paying a launch fee you could opt for the bring a bass program. Catch one from a farm pond or other impoundment and release it when you put in.
  9. Must have been that skeet stick that caused all the problems.
  10. Many a time my electronics look like I am over the Sahara.
  11. Glad to hear the knee is getting better. You had me and Jackie worried for awhile.
  12. I know Randy Blauket was just fishing there and says he thinks it's his favorite lake. Might shoot him a message on his FB page.
  13. Gosh. Never made the connection. And I fished with Wallace for a week in the BASS central division tournament on Eufaula.
  14. One good thing about having a hook in your body somewhere is the ER considers it a Foreign object in your body and you get to cut ahead of the runny nosed welfare kids. I know from experience.
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