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Shoulders and forearms are sore today 不不

Took a friend from work and his young son yesterday.

We only had one rod down in the holder while setting up and already had a fish on. Shortly after a couple more set up and had a double.

We had his son busy handing us minnows and putting fish in the kitchen pretty much the whole day.不不.

Went through a lot of dinks yesterday and used every minnow we had in a good helping of a 6 dozen count.

Pretty much the same pattern as last trip. 81 degree water temp, stained water to clearing, Rigging double minnow rigs, 20-22 fow, 12-15 feet down was the consistent bite, but there was times they seemed to be scattered throughout the whole water column.

Good fishing and great fellowship yesterday. Had a lot of laughs and a good time.

Pics below of us three drowned rats back at the house 不云

God bless and good fishing




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