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Slab Sunday

Got out Sunday afternoon and dirty water never looked so good.  Love it


WT was 44, Rigging .2-.3 mph, using 1/2oz double minnow rigs in 5-8 fow, around 5 feet down for the most part.  


The bite was a hit and run a lot of times.  Made for not getting good hook sets.  Pop offs all day.  


That or they just kind of made out with the minnow. 😂 Really had to be patient with grabbing the rod out of the holder to set the hook.  You’ll eventually see the line go at an angle.  Then set the thing quick.  Not too many would hammer it and bury the rod tip.  


Wish I would of got more quality size minnows.  They want the bigger beefier minnow.  Like 3”


They survived the two week ice age🤪. Ended with 14


Pics below, God Bless




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4 hours ago, Fish Hound said:

How long is that first fish? Looks like a monster

It’s a boy at 14.5” and 1.65#’s😂

Previous post a couple weeks ago, that one was a girl at 15” and about 2#’s.  Freakish fat bottom girl😂

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