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Good Friday Bass

Out on the lake at 7:45 fished till 4:30pm. Took one rod and made myself fish a swim bait all day. Caught 19 with 11 keepers. Chasing wind all day. 





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We almost had a dry run yesterday.  We were late to discover the slow rolling swim bait technique,  had one nice 3 to 4 lber on  a swim bait and one 16 inch walleye on a jerk.

It was a very tough day for  Steve and I .

I am thankful for your post, it helps confirm a couple things for me.


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I’ve fished the swim bait several times in the past. But it’s always been one of those back up things to see if maybe I could entice a larger fish in the school. Yesterday the wind was on and off. In areas with less wind I threw a 4” bait with 1/4oz head and with more wind a 6” bait with 1/2oz head. Should of brought 2 rods,switching  back and forth was a pain. 

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I started fishing a swim bait last week 

is a 1/4 heavy   Enough   I also bought 3/8 

it does impress me either ? 

The forst time I used a 1/2  seemed like I was trying to snag fish ? 

So I ordered these  sizes ?

give me more info  thank you

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     Not every swim bait or head work with each other. I use a open hook. I get the best action and tracking. Sure I loose more this way but your hook up % is a lot better. Most of the time when you are slow rolling them if you don’t get frustrated and pull hard you can get right over the bait and jiggle it loose. But 80% of the time I’m fishing for Suspended fish that are off the bottom and I’m try to bring it over their heads. I find these fish on the graph back off and cast out and count it down to a level I want and and try to keep it at that depth. I use 1/4 and 1/2 most of the time. It’s definitely a different feel but in time you’ll get the feel for it. Just like your favorite crankbait. Just by feel you know that it’s working right

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