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Thursday and Friday

I decided I couldn't wait any longer to try for some whites in the Little Sac. I got to Orleans about 10:30 Thursday morning and got my boat unloaded and started trying it underneath the bridge. No luck, so I head to mouth of Walnut Creek and give that a try. Still no luck so I continue heading downstream towards the lake. As I turn the bend below Orleans I talked to a guy fishing from the bank, he had 2 whites on his stringer. This gets me a little excited because it means at least a few fish have made it into the river. I try the mouth of the little creek there on the left as you turn the corner headed towards the lake. Still no bites, so I continue down that long eddy. This is about 2 and a half hours into my trip so I decide I'm gonna head back to the truck and go to Taylor to give it a try. I toss my jig out to troll back to the truck and BAM I get my first bite and fish... nice sized male white. I cast out and immediately catch another. The wind is blowing crazy hard and has pushed me into the bank by this point so I troll back out past where I caught the fish and catch another on my way out. I'm upset at myself for leaving my anchor in the truck at this point because I am going to have to fight the wind to stay close to the spot where I'm catching them. I proceed to catch my limit in the next hour. All the fish came from the same spot, they were laying on the backside of a mud point out of the main river channel. I caught them all on a purple swimmin minnow on an 1/8 ounce leadhead. 

My buddy called me that night and said that he would like to go back over Friday. I told him if I could talk my wife into letting me go 2 days in a row then I would love to try again. We put the boat in around 1 Friday afternoon at Orleans. We headed downriver towards the lake. Did not even get a nibble until we turned the corner at the top of the long eddy. Then we put 27 whites on the stringer (threw back 4 or 5 of the tiny males) on the mud flat between the old bridge pillars below Aldrich and the corner to turn into the long eddy below Orleans. All the fish were in the main river channel and caught on a purple swimmin minnow. We even caught a couple of nice sows. He had one that went 17 inches and I had two between 15 and 16 inches. I am super excited to start off with this much water in the river, hopefully they will start up the river anytime.

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