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  1. I was looking at my fish log for this year, we have cleaned 54 crappie this spring from the little sac... they all came from the same hole.
  2. Met a buddy at Frisco Line bridge after worked and we walked in and headed downstream. I had been messaging and talking with MNtransplant on the forum for a couple of years. I finally got to meet him in person and fish with him for a couple of hours last night. He met us over there a little bit later. He is a great guy and I was glad to be able to pass along a little bit of the info that I have gained from fishing the little sac for 13 or 14 years. The fish even cooperated decently. My buddy and I walked straight to the spot where we have found some crappie this year. We ended up catching 14 b
  3. There is a riffle or 2 that I would suggest walking your canoe/kayak through because of some hazards in the water but the flow is just about perfect right now. The riffle right after Frisco line trail, I would definitely pull onto the gravel bar on the left side of river and walk through it. It is by far the most hazardous between 215 and Taylor.
  4. I walked in at Frisco line trail last night and actually caught 4 walleye. 2 were keepers and then one went 14 and another 14 and a half. We are floating this afternoon from 215 to Taylor. I really wish there was a way I could get off work this Friday to tag along for your float. Good luck!
  5. Haha trythisone there is no time stamp so this picture could be from Wednesday or not... the guy beside me said he had watched 5 limits (not counting mine) come out from around him and I watched several being caught in the 45 minutes i was there. He also said an older gentleman had kept some in a bucket but decided he didn't want to clean them when he got done so he just dumped them in the water. I counted 9 dead ones, not cool. 8 of the 15 I cleaned were females actually.
  6. Spent yesterday afternoon chasing whites. I headed to where I had been catching them for the last week. I fought the wind for a couple of hours and never even got a bite. Packed up and headed to Orleans, caught one big female in the eddy above bridge. In a last ditch effort stopped at Taylor on the way home. It was 5 by the time I got there. Proceeded to catch 17 in about 45 minutes. I could not believe that many had made it up that far already. If we get the rain they are talking about and avoid a major cold snap it will be time to start floating 215 to Taylor next week!
  7. Caught a 7 and 1/2 pounder below 215 bridge on the little sac 4 or 5 years ago in September on a shad colored swimming minnow
  8. Walked in at Frisco line trail bridge first thing Friday morning. River was rolling and muddy which was to be expected of course. I walked as far down river as you can and never even got a bite. I assumed the river hadn't been muddy long enough for the fish to get used to it. So while I was there I figured I would wade slagle from the gravel road to the mouth of the creek and see if they were stacked up at the mudline. 4th or 5th cast I hook something big that breaks me off but that was the only bite I got. So at this point i am pretty bummed because I assume the skunk is happening. I make the
  9. No problem, happy to help any way that I can. It sounds like the fishing turned on a little bit at least towards dark. The 2 guys that were with me don't fish very often but I could only manage 9 whites and a walleye yesterday. They added a couple more whites and walleye so it definitely could have been a worse day. Hopefully we still have a couple weeks of whites in the river and hopefully this warm weather this week will help to make it more consistent. Good luck everyone!
  10. Put in at Taylor and went up river above the s curves this morning. Found lots of fish scattered a little bit of everywhere, no big concentration in any one spot but I did catch 50 or 51 with 20 of those being the little dink males. It was a fantastic way to spend my Tuesday!
  11. It isn't a very long float. You can make it as long or as short as you want just depending on how much fishing you do. When we fish it pretty hard it usually takes us in between 4 and 5 hours. When the water gets above 1000 cfs the current can certainly make it quicker. But right now the lake is pushed up past Taylor so the current stops around or above the s curves
  12. It is just starting I believe. I think the next couple weeks will be on fire!
  13. A few years back somebody caught one just below Taylor.
  14. Nope it was for sure a musky Wrench. When my father in law first saw it he thought it was a short nose gar but then we drifted right over the top of it and there was no mistaking it was a musky. We used to fish a heated dock on pomme right by the dam and one of those things would swim by and turn the crappie bite completely off.
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