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  1. This one-mile stretch located directly below the dam is known for its big fish, shallow water and challenging fishing. The trout in this zone have seen every fly in the book, and most of the water resembles a big spring creek with slow and skinny water. There is one pretty large shoal area, but this is where most of the crowds congregate because the majority of fly anglers prefer to fish "familiar" types of water like riffles and pockets. The shoal can fish pretty well, but the slower stretches hold less-pressured fish that are often quite visible. A good strategy is to walk to empty areas and
  2. From a dry fly perspective, it is hard to beat April, May and June on the White River and Norfork Tailwater. If the water is low, anglers can expect big bugs, miles of open water and countless rises. Trout of all sizes will greedily slurp a dry fly if there is a hatch coming off, and emerger and nymph fishing can result in non-stop action during the hours before a large insect emergence. That said, unfortunately each year has twelve months, and many dry fly enthusiasts figure that the fun is over once the big water of midsummer hits, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Even though mid
  3. First off, it is important to understand that certain insects have 'regional' names that depict what they actually are. Sulphurs are a perfect example of this phenomenon in dialect. In the Ozarks, a small to medium-sized yellow mayfly is usually referred to as a "sulphur", but in other parts of the country, this exact same insect is called a Pale Morning Dun (PMD). Regardless of what they are called, this bug has a reputation for bringing very large fish to the surface, and they can be found in almost any coldwater fishery. On the other hand, a crane fly is always a crane fly, but they do vary
  4. There is a lot of debate in the fly fishing world regarding what the "best" or "most fun" ways to fly fish are. Some people, who think of themselves as 'purists', will only fish with dry flies and never use nymphs, even if there is no hatch coming off. Then there are others who don't like to mess with dry flies, even during an active emergence because they feel that since most of a river or lake's trout feed subsurface the majority of the time, using nymph techniques will give them the best chance at catching the greatest number of fish. Finally, there is the group of anglers who fly fish to f
  5. Almost everyone who comes to the White River has dreams the night before their first day on the water of hooking into one of the river's legendary brown trout. Despite the sometimes tough circumstances that confront this fishery, the White still produces incredible numbers of brown trout in the seven to twenty-pound range - and bigger ones than twenty-pounds are caught every year. Although it is fun to contemplate the experience of fishing for these hogs in the Ozarks, without careful planning and diligent research, the odds of being successful in this pursuit are virtually zero. The trout tha
  6. Savvy guides and veteran White River Basin fly fishermen have known a little 'secret' for years: every late summer and early fall season offers up some of the best terrestrial fishing to be found anywhere in the country. Part of the reason that this bite doesn't receive more notoriety is the fact that it normally just gets going in the Ozarks at a time when most other rivers are well past having significant hopper activity. The White River and Norfork Tailwater often run heavy water to meet power needs all summer long during the afternoons, and these conditions are not normally conduc
  7. Our good friend, fellow guide, and ambassador to our rivers, Don Adams, has sadly lost his battle with leukemia this morning. Don will always remain in our hearts and will be sorely missed. God bless you Don... we love you! Don Adams
  8. 2006 Custom made Shawnee River Boat for sale includes custom EZ loader trailer, rod tray, tons of storage hatches, walk through design, 2010 Honda 15 4-stroke (meticulously maintained with few hours), extra props, tiller extension, captain's chair on pedestal, manual jack plate which allows a quick lift of the motor in low water, skeg guard, all new Tempress seats including an extra spider leg seat, anchor, plenty of extras... $8,000 O.B.O. Call 870.321.2792 for more details.
  9. Fished the Norfork Tuesday. The push back from the White is up to Long Hole but everthing above offered crystal clear water clarity although that may change in hurry. We landed white bass a saw two 4' gars. No walleye or striper to the net although there are reports. Gave the white bass to campers. LB www.blueribbonflyfish.com
  10. We offer a Norfork shuttle for $25. www.blueribbonflyfish.com
  11. One of a kind Osprey 16' drift boat in excellent condition. Only been in the water a half dozen times and has few imperfections. New Tempress seats, great trailer w/roller, and tons of storage. Asking $5,000. Call Larry @ 870.321.2792.
  12. Here is a copy our new and updated tear away, free map. Part of it got cutt off and I cant' figure out how to include the entire thing. Perhaps a bit hard to see detail but if you send me a message @ blueribbonflyfish@hotmail.com I will mail you one no charge! Tight lines, Larry Babin www.blueribbonflyfish.com
  13. Happened to be at the boat ramp when Hotdawg pulled along side with this nice BSD brown. Took the pic with my camera but thought I'd share. LB
  14. Updated report for early November Excellent fishing is still a possibility every day on both the White River and Norfork Tailwater October was a stellar month on both rivers because of the breathtaking fall colors that dotted the landscape coupled with refreshingly cool temperatures – and the fishing wasn’t too shabby either. There is nothing quite like the experience of wading or drifting in such a dramatic setting and background, and the chance of hooking into a big brown or rainbow is practically a bonus when compared to the comfortable fishing weather and appealing aesthetics. T
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