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  1. Fishing tournament Sunday from St Elizabeth my partner had to back out if anyone is interested let me know I got an empty seat
  2. I was out this week dodging rain drops for two days put in Udall fishing was out of control on top water early 32 bass between two of us wiggle warts, 6 xd and plastics on the bottom once the sun came up most fish were still 10/20 ft of water then went down to darn for late evening couple hybrids on top water as well as few bass next morning from 5 am till about 8 am was hot bite slowed way down after that put in at red bank managed 11 hybrids 3 white bass 7 bass all on top water only one dink on the bass off the water by 9:30
  3. Thanks for the reply Seth I currently run my flat bottom jet that is 1648 and it's fine as long as chop is not to bad just hopping the wider and longer will help
  4. Looking into 1752 sport blazer I know modified v would be better for the waters of northfork, bull shoals and table rock but I also enjoy river fishing spend alot of time on big river , mermac and current and with the 40 horse limit on the current not sure I can get the modified v with out going with bigger motor my question any body run the 1752 on these lakes with out getting there teeth rattled out in a little choppy water ?
  5. Thanks for the reply I guess the richwoods through me off when I looked at the gauges looks as if the rain had virtually no effect on the levels should be a good day
  6. Any one been on or near the big river today ? Got a chance to get out in the morning for a float thinking from the park down just curious before my buddy drives down from Alton
  7. Jim I put in yesterday in St Clair ( 30 Bridge) which is a little more down river from were you are talking about went down about 5 miles and then up about 2 miles from the bridge I had no trouble at all navigating the water ,Water temp was 49/50 yesterday when I put in very very clear fishing was good steady all morning from 7 till noon 17 fish to the boat biggest was 15' spot 11 spots 1 white and 5 small mouth all small mouths were in the rocks biggest though was 14' the spots were in the deep rocks or under cover most action was on slow retrieving crank baits 300 series or wiggle warts d
  8. After seeing some promising reports from the lower Mermec thought I would try another new area Sunday as I continue to learn my way around the lower Meramec decided on Palisades down to the Big River After waiting once again for the nephew did not wait long this time still hit the river @7;30 water temp around 51 degrees action just off the boat ramp throwing a zara spook missed the first blow up before hooking a spot that ran the tape an very nice 18" few more blowups but not hook ups before a huge blow up that i would loose just before the boat that looked to be 18' range stuck with combin
  9. Sorry guys for the late response business has been keeping me swamped. Appreciate the responses I did get out Tuesday morning after doing a little more research online reports were saying that Flam city was real low I figured give it a shot if low George winter was a good back up even with reports warning of low conditions there as well. Well after a 45 minute wait for the nephew to get out of bed only to have to drive off with out him (I will never wait more then 5 again) my plans were to be on river by 7 with the wait it was now almost 7:45 decided to just head to George winter to put in th
  10. Smalliebigs Thanks for the info !! much appreciated I am going to check it out in the am and indeed I will report back hopefully with some nice snap shots.
  11. New to the area looking for boat ramp around Arnold area would like to put my jet in but can settle for a nice 4-5 hour float if any one has any recommendations. Is the lower even navigable with a jet this time of year ? What species should be targeted ?
  12. Thanks for the info guys I got ahold of jeffs last season but they would not shuttle I love the upper black just always tuff if you dont have someone going with you or cant take two vehicles I prefer the scanoe but was thinking at least the jet I can solo it and not depend on shuttle . Been a few years since I have been below hwy k do remeber some good small mouth even large mouth
  13. Any one have any info on transporttation on the black below hwy k Also if I decided to leave the canoe behind is it jet friendly thinking about running up from clearwater
  14. I am looking for an outfiter that will shuttle vehicle from lestervile to hwy k any one know of any
  15. What section of river do you guys recommend not real familiar with the river other then a trip from scotts ford to birdnest last summer but looking at trying out the meramec again leaving in the morning just haven't decided were solo trip staying over night so not a big fan of having to drag the boat to much on my own any suggestions ?
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