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  1. Anyone know if they have the Construction at Hazelgreen finished up? Put in there last year and couldn't launch from the ramp to go down stream due to the temp bridge that was set up.
  2. Would anyone have an idea of the farthest upstream stretch that can be floated, with only a little dragging, in lower water? Thanks in advance for your help. -Bill
  3. My girlfriend and I are looking to float from La Russell to hwy 37 and just looking for any input from others that have floated it. Mostly concerned about possible portages due to downed trees. I do not mind having to drag around some trees, and expect it on a river with no outfitters, but my girlfriend really does not enjoy it much. This will be our first time on the Spring river and we are both looking forward to fishing some new water!
  4. I just got the go ahead from the boss to buy a OT Disco 119, but I am having a problem. It would seem I am not able to find a retailer that stocks these and the wait times I am getting on ordering one are fairly ridiculous. If anyone knows of a retailer within 2 hours of Springfield Mo that stocks these i would appreciate the info. We are doing an overnight in a couple of weeks, and though we can do it in our kayaks, I would rather have my canoe to pack up. Thanks in advance.
  5. I haven't floated from brown branch to Bradleyville yet this year, but the flooding earlier this year has widened the channel a bit from Rome to BB. We were dragging in some places we never had to at 100 plus CFS. You might want to give Barry at Beaver creek canoe a call. Just read Griz's post and he's right at 57 CFS your boat would be there to float your gear only.
  6. Thanks Al! I appreciate the info.
  7. The Girlfriend and I are wanting to float the Jacks this weekend for our first time ever(If the rain does not ruin it for us). We have 2 floats we are considering and was hoping someone could point us in the right direction. We are considering either doing Bay Creek to Alley or Alley to Eminence. I am fine with either, but I have heard the water can get a little harry above Alley. We are looking to fish a lot and have a few beers while we are doing it. Any advice or insight into these 2 floats is greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the response. That will save me a trip. Beaver Creek it is then!
  9. I was just checking to see if anyone has seen what the water looks like on the Osage in the last couple of days. A friend and I are looking to float Hull to Hazelgreen, but the gauge at Hazel green seems a little high to me. Thanks
  10. I'm gonna be camping on Beaver south of Eureka this weekend. Like to take my Kayak out and fish the bigger coves. Should I be concerned about a lot a traffic?
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