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  1. All good examples of safe and effective vaccines. Vaccines are why smallpox was eradicated. We have almost completely eradicated polio with a few cases still surviving in rural Africa to the point that we no longer need the smallpox or polio vaccines here in the US. We could do the same with COVID if we didn't have this unreasonable resistance to "being told what to do by the government". That is why I say it is a selfish act to not get vaccinated. But that is what happens when we politicize science. Sadly it means that another deadly disease will continue to circulate and mutate for who
  2. I am not sure if this comment is directed towards me and my comment or not. I will assume it is not because it is quite off base if it is. I very much enjoy listening to the perspectives of others and is precisely why I spend time on this forum. Most of the time it is the tips, tricks, and advice about camping, canoeing, and fishing that I am here to learn from others. However, there is a great deal more that we all come across in this forum like this particular topic. I am making no disparaging remarks or attacking anyone on this forum for their opinion at all. And I certainly do n
  3. When someone points out that Tucker Carlson is a pathological liar, which is demonstrably true, the defense against that point should not be, "your guy (insert ad hominem attack)". It has nothing to do with the fact that the information supplied to start this thread is totally misleading and Tucker was intentionally being misleading making him, once again, a liar. Vaccines are safe and they save lives. Not getting one is a selfish act. Shame on Tucker Carlson for his fear mongering.
  4. Nice fish! What section of the river were you on?
  5. “The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of that which is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.” - Author Unknown The fifth Andy Hart Memorial fishing trip took place in late June on a new river. For the first time we took our memories of Andy to the Gasconade River. It was the 14th annual trip overall. Each year I have cast a wide net of invites to friends of our departed friend and for the first memorial trip we had 11 attendees float and fish on the Buffalo River. For the last several years, this memorial trip has become a father
  6. Thank you all for all of the input! That’s why I love this forum. Such a great place to get ideas!
  7. Looking back through old content. Looks like Al forgot those photos. I have been wishing I lived in New Zealand these last several months!
  8. I think there is plenty in this response that is helpful! Thank you Al. But what I would love to know is, what is the setup you use to throw that light buzz bait or that 1/8 ounce lure? I am trying to get an understanding of the combination that works for relatively light baits.
  9. 1. Ideally I would like to be able to cast 1/4 ounce lures with some distance and accuracy. 2. I have been using nothing but 6’ rods on my canoe trips but am considering going with a longer rod if it means I don’t have to throw my arm off to get the job done. 3. Standard grip but I am open. Used a pistol grip a lot as a kid (lightning rod - vague memory, not sure who made it, probably no more than 5.5’) and felt like I threw that thing pretty well. 4. I’m probably more of an arm caster but I’m not sure. I certainly use both. 5. For the sake of this discussion, let’s not put
  10. I am hoping to get some information about casting gear for river use. I have long been a fan of casting gear but as I began fishing rivers more often, I started to throw spinning gear more to get longer casts with the lighter lures (compared to lake fishing for largemouth). I now bring only one casting set up on river trips but find that when I throw a small buzz bait I have to take a mighty swing to get any distance and when I have to put everything into a cast, I loose the accuracy that makes the casting gear attractive in the first place. So I will ask it this way, if you are fishing a riv
  11. I had been catching a lot of fish on breakwaters but that bite seems to be slowing down. 10 days ago they were hitting top waters aggressively off breakwaters. I then started catching them on a 7” purple worm and now I am only catching them occasionally on a variety of lures. I can’t find the right pattern right now.
  12. I consider South Grand anything south of Goat Island, mid lake would be from Goat Island to Patricia Island or maybe Sailboat bridge. That’s my take on it anyway. I didn’t fish today but instead boated all the way from Disney to Blue Bluff in Elk Creek and I had a lot of time to think about that classification of the sections of the lake as I was perusing the chart book.
  13. I also get frustrated that no one talks about Grand very often on this forum. I am fishing South Grand. Generally I stay south of Goat Island. Here are a couple photos of my daughter having fun. She has been rubbing it in to her older brother that she is catching fish!
  14. Looks like fun! My dad brought me to the river when I was a kid and it was almost as much fun as bringing my son now! Can’t wait for our next trip! I am a poor judge of the weight of a fish. I just measure the length and on the occasion that I catch a real hog, I will try to measure the circumference so I can make a guess at the weight.
  15. I have been catching a lot of nice fish in the last 10 days. It has been a lot of fun catching them on top-waters. I have been taking my daughter out and getting her fired up about catching fish and that is more fun than catching fish myself. We will find an active school and catch several in a short amount of time. As soon as the bite slows, we can fire them right back up with a worm. It seems to be like that off and on all day for the last week or so. It seems like the heat of the day has been the best time too!
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