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  1. Had an outstanding trip on Monday. My friends son landed a 18 1/4” smallmouth. See pic below. What an incredible fish. I caught a couple that measured 15” and my first spotted bass (12 1/2”) on JF. We ran into the biologist from the feds doing water testing. He said the water quality right now is the best it has been in years. Hope it stays that way. Tight lines everyone.
  2. The power of the Internet amazes me. We had all but wrote off this fly rod. Thank you for being a great person and trying to find its owner. It made my day and week for sure.
  3. I was down there at the end of July and the three of us all caught our biggest fish yet on Jacks Fork. 18" for two of us and my buddies 9 yr old son caught a 15". We will be back in mid Oct fishing JF and Eleven Point.
  4. I was down there a week ago and the river is only about 3 inches above what it was then. The water level already leveled off at Alley as of this morning. You should be fine as of now. The weather report may change that.
  5. I really liked the music selections. Who was it?
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