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  1. Agree with Ham for Spin fishing. If you didn't know..... no rubber baits (or treble hooks) allowed in the Blue Ribbon Section. Avoid treble hooks anywhere on the river please....... they are trout killers! (I've had great success with big fish on sinking minnow stick baits, but I remove the front hooks and cut two of the three hooks off the rear treble..... never missed a fish with this and easy release). Normally I use exactly what he mentioned with a couple of weights 15-18" above the jig to get them deep. You'll get hung up and lose a few, but that's where they are! I caught 5
  2. Great video......... but that snake......... could do without that!
  3. Fishing for me has been slow since the flood a few months ago. Still beautiful and worth your time! As Russell said, river is up a bit right now but looks like its about to peak...... watch here for updates http://waterdata.usgs.gov/mo/nwis/uv?site_no=07057500 .
  4. I'm a "transplanted" local here..... and I will warn you we never use Patrick for anything more than we have to........ it is a shame. With that said, I am still surprised (somewhat) by what you experienced. I hope it doesn't sour you from continuing to enjoy the North Fork!
  5. Saturday I caught a 18" Striper just below McKee Bridge...... and a 16" Hybrid below Patrick on Sunday. While they were both exciting catches on an ultralite in a Kayak........... I'd prefer they weren't upstream in our pristine Trout waters.........
  6. Been having a blast catching the Browns the last several weeks.
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