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  1. It may not help,as I fish different than you guys. I basically only fish @ night w/underwater lights.(many yrs). All I was saying was,the fish are there & we still do well with this type of fishing.
  2. interesting. All I can say is,the fish are there.
  3. You want to catch Gar on the Bull? Let me make it easy for you,all you need is an underwater light, 2 or 3 doz Shiners,#4 or bigger bait holder hook, a good heavy action rod,12 lb line,a boat or a boat dock & anywhere around the K Dock area you will have more Gar than you will know what to do with. Happy Garring.
  4. He fibs,Gar suck,there no good. Leave them alone & don't waste your time. Stay with other kinds of fishing. Nothing to see here,move along now & forget you ever saw this topic.
  5. Firmly believe in Starfire 2 submersible lights. Bass pro or Cabelas has them. Tried them all,these are by far the best imo. Best of luck & have fun...
  6. My friend's boat did that once. When we got back to the ramp,I pulled the plug & drained the water out. Problem solved.. Your problem could be just as simple.....
  7. That's to bad. Glad to hear he was found. We were there that weekend & had a great float & a lot of fun.
  8. No rt now it's a lake full of IDIOTS.....
  9. What/who is nelly? Wasn't that a girl on little house. Nelly Olson I think.
  10. UMMMM,nothing better than fresh caught fish in a cast iron pot. yum yum... Ya all can keep your bass,I have no use for them. oops did I type that out loud. lol
  11. Nice fish. Not to hard to figure out the area he caught it in. I mean come on. He caught it at 9:45 pm & weighed it at the hatchery at 11:00 pm. Tell's me he caught it on the MO side on upper Bull....
  12. Sounds like you had a great time lonkm. Nice report.
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