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  1. Thank you for the report! From the pics it looks like the water was pretty clear?
  2. Went out Saturday from 8-5 and had a pretty decent day (considering air temps never got above 44 degrees) with 11 fish in the boat (all keepers). Overcast. We started with an 8 mph North Wind that died as the day went on. Water temps from 51-54 degrees and there was a very slight stain to the water. Water levels 721.2. We caught most of our fish on a jig. Colors were PBJ and Okeechobee, 1/2oz and 3/8oz with speed craw trailers. In most cases they were biting on the insides of the secondary points. In some areas there was moss but in other areas there was no moss at all. We couldn't q
  3. Well there are exemptions to the order. One exemption is "engage in utdoor activities while physical distancing" Another exemption listed is "food cultivation, including farming, livestock and fishing" Section III of the Order..."essential activities" 1c and 2i
  4. Well I guess fishing is still allowed since they waived permits and are on the news telling people to get out and take advantage of it?
  5. I'm not 100% sure who makes the final call but I know the Greene county health dept and the Springfield mayor are involved.
  6. 30 days "Stay at Home" order begins tomorrow at Midnight for Greene County. With the exception of essential jobs, groceries etc. This is about to get really interesting. I guess even if I wanted to go out to try to catch some fish for my family to eat that's off limits now. Seems insane to me.
  7. Thinking about putting in at the bridge at Shell knob
  8. mrgungho


    My apologies if this has already been covered.. I searched "mildly" and didn't see anything. Can someone please confirm what the impact of corp park closures is to the average fisherman? I'm basically wondering what if any actual ramps are closed or parks where the front gates are closed right now. I'd be interested in the same type of info for Bull if anyone knows. Thanks for your time!
  9. Not sure if it's been mentioned but it's called tourney x. Just like the kayak guys use. You can set up tourneys that last a day a weekend or a whole month. 5 longest total fish win... snap a photo, release immediately. Pretty secure process involved as far as cheats go and all. Can restrict it to one lake or open it to a couple or a few or nation wide. For us it's be cool to have something like TR, BS and Stockton all included..7 day time frame... longest in inches 5 fish caught. You can put money in the digital pot and depending on pot size have a lie detector for top 3 or something..
  10. mrgungho

    114 today

    Care to say what the water clarity was in Sons?
  11. Yeah that had to be the one. Thanks!
  12. Anybody know the results of the larger tournament yesterday? I'm not sure which one it was.. I just heard someone saying 150-200 boats when I was at the gas station yesterday morning. Be interesting to see how we stacked up against the weights. Our best 5 weighed right at 13. We fished Shell Knob area all day. (Spinnerbait, Jigs, Shakey, Cranks)
  13. Never launched here and wondering if the lake at current level will be ok for my bass boat. I have heard it's shallow but not sure about the ramp angle etc for putting in and taking out. Any advice would be appreciated!
  14. I've been working on them last night and some today.. I'll try to post some pics when completed. Gonna try to get out on the water tomorrow and fish some possibly tough post frontal conditions!
  15. Hey guys I just got in a few suspending wiggle Wart blanks. I can't decide if I want to paint them in craw or shad or a couple of each. Any suggestions on 2 or 3 color paint schemes I could do??
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