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Boat recommendations?

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When I eventually get moved down to NW Arkansas, I will be in the market for a boat. Basically I would like something that I could fish for Stripers out of in Beaver, but also could use to fish for bass with a trolling motor up front and pedestal seats. I am also primarily looking at aluminum rather than fiberglass.

So if anyone has any recommendations, please reply. Also any input on good boat dealers would be appreciated.

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  • Fishing Buddy

Well, there are two that I can think of right off the bat...

First depending on Cost factors.. (Middle of the road cost)G3 Boats (Just to the east of Springfield) build a very nice boat for the money.. The have a very nice 18" deep V boat great for Beaver, you can fish for anything out of this boat.

Second, Also depending on cost factors, take a look at LUND boats. They are the Best made but also the most expensive.. (High End Cost)

Third, Bass Tracker Boats. Not really too impressed with these boats, They are massed produced and have alot of troubles according to friends that have them, but I thought I would just throw that one out.. (Low end cost)

Still The best for the money would be G3 Boats, look these over and you can talk with Terry at Center City Marine in Springfield MO (www.centercitymarine.com) They have a very nice dealership and really takes care of there customers even after the sale for years down the road!!

Tell Them Don House sent you they will get you what you want with all of the goodies..

Good Luck and Good Fishing :P

Capt. Don House
Branson Fishing Guide Service
Table Rock Lake and Taneycomo Lake
Branson MO


Branson Fishing Guide Service Website

Pro Staff for G3 Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Humminbird Electronics, Minnkota Trolling Motors, Grandt Custom Rods, Ardent Reels, Seaguar, Berkley-Fishing

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I was going to say G3 is pretty good, IF you want a Yamaha outboard, because they are owned by Yamaha, and thats what you get, period.

Not that a Yammie outboard is bad, just if you want a choice, you don't have one.

I have a Lowe 170w (2003) that I really like, these are made in Lebanon, Mo.

Much better fit and finish than a Tracker.

I had a small problem with getting clear title because of the previous owner and had to track the boats I.D. # back to the dealer that sold it in Arkansas, and the customer service guy at Lowe helped alot, even though I am not the original owner.

If money isn't a problem look at Xpress, Triton, and War Eagle.

All have some nice looking boats.

For best value I'll say G3 and Lowe.

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  • Root Admin

I own several G-3's and have had good luck with them. I also have a Landau- as much as I've beat that boat up, it doesn't leak- amazing. Landau is built in Lebanon, MO just up the road and there are dealers in NW Ark.

If you're going to live in NW Ark, stay with a dealer in that area if you can. Better service if you buy it from a local dealer I believe.

I'm sure there's some OAF people from that area who will chime in.

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  • Members

I've got to throw my 2 cents in. I've owned a Tracker Tournement V18 for 5 year now. A lot of hours. Never a spot of trouble. Hull and compartments are still in excellent shape, and the engine Merc 75 has performed better than I expected. I run doun by you guys, and up on the Mississippi, the Illinois and out on Lake Michigan. I think it just comes down to personal taste and making sure you maintain your equipment.

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I have a Lowe Deck boat that I really like. I can fish for both Striper and Bass and it also serves as a good family boat for cruising/sking. It is not a speed demon by any means only going about 50 MPH at top speed. It handles big water with no problem and is nearly 20ft long and 8ft wide. The big problem is the wind, it has tall sides which make it great for kids, but acts like a sail in the wind. It does make a nice all around boat for camping so I do not have to have a fishing boat and a family boat when I am down for the week.

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I heard that Landau folded, but I can't confirm that. Tracker, G-3 and Lowe are also made at Lebanon. Ranger makes an aluminum boat also. The only point is that within these you won't pay much in shipping.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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Wayne SW/MO Posted Apr 12 2006, 08:08 PM

I heard that Landau folded, but I can't confirm that. Tracker, G-3 and Lowe are also made at Lebanon.


Landau did fold up for a while but now the original owner has taken it back over and they are in production again.

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