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Last Night With Sinking Lines

Micheal Kyle

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With the lake rising and the constant flow of water, Matt and I decided to go down any way and try some new flies. I have a new articulated streamer called the TE very easy to tie I will post the instructions latter today in the tying section.

It is a very effective pattern in high water should be just as effective in low water. Here is a pic


and one more


Ok now for the report fishing was difficult with 4 units on but we did manage to wade down the north bank toward the Rocking chair hole and caught a few on the TE all Bows no Browns. With 4 units on and the water level at 708 we were fishing a type 5 full sink lines they were the uniform sink plus lines. I think between the 2 of us we probably had around 25 fish but whose counting :D

Gave it up at 1:30am

(No fish on consecutive cast) :D

In fact the last few times I have been down during the day seeing lots of Bows and not to many browns right now. I would think that with high water a few big boys would wonder up for some fun. There a lot of great Bows up and it is evident with the 30incher caught yesterday.

See you down there tonight.

Tight Lines


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DD'sMC, my brother and I got down there at 4:30 am and launched the boat. Did very well on several drifts then the sun came up and we concentrated on conditioning the geese for tomorrow morning...... ;)

A Little Rain Won't Hurt Them Fish.....They're Already Wet!!

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