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I see the lake came up almost 3 feet very quickly. Has it muddied it up badly? How is this going to impact the fishing in the next 2 weeks or so? Still coming down from Indiana on the 16 of Oct and don't want to be shocked like I was in the spring of 08. Thanks for any replies.

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Norfork can come up 10-15 feet without being a deal breaker on the fishing. The fish will just move up and stay in the depth they want and higher water is a little better since it give the fish cover to relate to. Norfork kicked my butt when it was 30 foot high. I couldn't find fish grouped at all. It was VERY hit and for me MISS.

Norfork will likely be less than 10 foot high when you arrive. They will run water 24/7 as soon as downstream isn't likely to flood.

I love it right now. No worries.

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Main lake has just a little stain to it.When the lake comes up like this I have found 2 ways to get them..

1/ target fish in the newly flooded brush and trees that have moved in there after shad

2/ Fish the steeper banks where the rising water has less effect.

Dont worry about your trip.Just come and enjoy the fishing.I have been catching fish everyday..before,durning and after the rains.

Baits to bring

1/Watermelon/red Baby brush hogs

2/Jigs in PB&J or Ozark Craw with watermelon or Green pumpkin twin Tails

3/Norman shad color deep little N and Craw color Wiggle Wart

4/3/8 or 1/2 Chartreuse and white Twin willow leaf blade Spinnerbait.

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