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Jeep Wrangler For Huntin/fishin Trips, Your Thoughts Please

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Like the tittle says, this is about the Jeep wrangler for a hunting/fishing buggy. I had a dodge ram 1500 4x4 with the 5.7L pushrod engie. It was a 2002 model. It was a great truck provided I didn't need to go far (10 mpg city) and you never got boxed in some really tight little parking lot.

The other day my Dad and I decided to go on a little fishing trip. We pulled a 18' John Boat with a Ford Bronco 4x4. Its old but it still runs good and I was impressed by the fuel economy. Its little engine does really well just scooting around town and with the little trailer we have no need of a giant long truck bed. I wonder why little vehicles like this haven't taken off in the USA? They are great! So I decided I need to get me a replacement hunt/fishin trip rig and this time I don't want a half ton truck.

I looked around for a Bronco but with none to be found I thought I would have to settle on a small truck or some thing. Then I saw a little vehicle on a car lot. It looks like the Bronco, high up & 4x4 but really short like the bronco. It was a Jeep Wrangler.

So now I am wondering about this Jeep Wrangler. What are they like reliability wise? Will they do what that bronco did? Gas millage? what are your thoughts on them?

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Must be a Bronco II cause a regular Bronc has a 351 or possibly a 460 and those are not easy on gas. Wranglers are not known to be easy on gas as far as I know. But I get what your point is. I would be careful buying any lifted 4X4 with a four banger seems like a lot to put on a factory motor.

Jon Joy


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ive driven a jeep CJ for years, and i wouldnt consider it the best hunting/fishing rig. The wrangler series would be worse due to the low power.

The problem with jeeps is the space inside. Youre going to have problem finding space for rods/reels, gear etc. Youre better off if you remove the back seat completely. Forget the fold and tumble rear seat... Gas mileage on all jeeps are pretty poor. Jeeps are two passenger vehicles, that rear seat i was talking about is wide enough for one. or two kids. If you have that many people you will not find room for gear.

that being said i love jeeps, but unless you modify them to haul gear like a roof mounted gear basket or a small trailer youll be frustrated.

IMO a small truck with a camper shell is ideal for all-around hunting/fishing.

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(disclaimer: you are reading the words of a GM salesman, I suppose you should weigh them accordingly)

Wranglers are pretty sweet, they seem to hold realy good values, the option of different tops/lifts/accessories is staggering, and they are a tried and true vehicle. Here's some things to look for:

The 6 cylinder 5 speed is the way to go whether you plan on having a stock jeep or a modified one. The right amount of power and a good torque band. If you lift it, make sure the gearing has been changed out accordingly.

The best option for getting a long lasting jeep is to buy new, but if you are buying used:

Look for the hardtop/hard doors

Look for the suspension (rather than) body lift

Have a trusted mechanic check over all modifications/welds/etc

one negative: Mileage sucks. No two ways about it. Ask any jeep owner for a better idea than I can honestly give.

ETA: and of course, as mentioned above.. They don't have allot of room, you'd have to buy accessories to allow for extra storage.

I am sure I am missing lots of good advice about the little buggers, but I'm late for work.. lol

(Of course there are other options for small usable SUV's, even one of two that I might have laying around the lot.. Hint hint)


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Main problem with a Wrangler.........its not a Subaru. ;)

Be very careful with a used Jeep, especially if it has been "toyed". I had alot fo friends who added mods to their Jeeps.....that really should ahve had it done professionally. They are usually bought to be beat on, so expect that to have been done. I would shoot for finding one of the old CJ's. Very simple, very plain. Easy to work on, etc.

Zack Hoyt

OAF Contributor

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No too familiar with the Wrangler, but I have a 2000 Cherokee Sport (not the Grand, the XJ box) that has been great. Bought new and it may be a little more what you are looking for if you liked a Bronco II. Tranny, both auto and stick very reliable, mine is an auto. I don't pull anything and it is stock. 20 mpg highway 16 in town. Bulletproof 4.0 straight six, currently have 162,000 miles on mine. Might want to lurk on the following forum to find out more about the Wrangler, Cherokee and various other Jeep models:


As mentioned above, use caution if buying one that has been lifted.

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I own a 93' Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.It has 311,644 on it.I am the 2nd owner of it.I bought it with 28,000 miles on it.The only thing I've had a problem with

it is...I had to put a fuel pump in it....the mechanic told me not to run the fuel down so low ( below a quarter tank ) and it won't happen again.It has a big V8 in it

and has great pulling power and it's a very comfortable ride.Power everything.The only thing I dislike about my Jeep is the leaky aluminum rims.Got to put air in

the tires every 2 weeks.Jeep is a great vehicle.Look how long the Postal Service and the Army used them!

I'm driving mine till it dies.....than I'm going to buy another one.

Good luck with any vehicle you decide to go with.


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I've had 3 Wranglers and a CJ 5. They all got about 16 MPG. I didn't have any mechanical problems with any of them, but I'm a stickler about changing the oil at 3000. I pull bass boats with them, not a real heavy one though. Tires last forever. Of all of them, we had one to 95K. They'll turn on 6 cents.

They can be cold in the winter, mine were all soft tops. They don't have a lot of room in the back. You might squeeze a buck in there if its not stiff. They aren't good in deep mud, they aren't heavy enough to sink to solid ground.

Would I buy another, probably not because my present Liberty is very close to the Wrangler in overall usefulness, but bigger and a lot more comfortable. It also get 20 MPG.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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I always thought this would be a great fishing car:


I work with a guy who owns a 2002 Jeep Laredo. He added all his repairs up and it totaled $12K, including transmission, A/C twice, power window motors all around.

I work with another guy whose daughter drives a Liberty. Her left front wheel started wobbling one day, so he called the dealer. Turns out there was a recall, but they were spacing out the notifications so that the dealers weren't overwhelmed with repairs -- they were down the list.

I work with yet another guy who put a new transmission in his Jeep after 2-years.

As much as I like the whole Jeep thing, I just couldn't buy one.


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One word. K5 Blazer. Why on earth did they stop making them. The did it all. Pulling boat, hunting ect. And did it for around 15-18 miles per gallon.

Dennis Boothe

Joplin Mo.

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in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle."

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