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Extreme Tough Bite

Bill Babler

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Don't get me wrong, it is good to see the sun, but the bright blue high prussure and good golly who knows what, has made my Table Rock bite extremely tough.

I have a trememdious topwater bite, on either a fin, spook or popper, this bite has been going on from approx. 6:55 AM to 7:01 AM. After that, it is pretty much over.

I am deadly on White Bass in the 30 odd ft. range on a jigging spoon.

Green type bass seem to be avoiding me like the plague. Last 3 days, I have fished as hard as possible with a great client and have 7 keeps each day none of which inspired me to a great extent.

Anyone that has a clue and is catching over 7 keeps, in a hard day of fishing, let us know what ya think.

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Will be down Thurs or Friday. Will let you know. 7 keeps in a day when its tough is pretty good in my opinion. Havent been down in almost a month looking forward to it.

Dennis Boothe

Joplin Mo.

For a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing

in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle."

~ Winston Churchill ~

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Fish, if I told you, you would have to go buy more tackle, as I believe I have caught one fish per day on everything I have in my box. I don't have a pattern of any kind and am really struggling. I have been told everything from spooning in 70 ft. to flipping bushes in under 1 ft. I have caught some on a rig, jig, and drop, and spoon and spinner and crank and mostly on nothing. I think it is hard. Did have 3 really nice ones on top this AM. Still, even with the cloud cover, topwater bite was about a 30 minute deal, right at daylight.

Sorry, I am struggling with the high water and it dropping at an insame ammount.

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Thanks Bill. I hear you on that. My father in law went yesterday, had 3 keeps on spinnerbait and square bill. One of his keepers was over 6 lbs.

Caught it off a bush, on blade. I must have thrown at 1000 of them last weekend. Oh well, hopefully they will bite this weekend.

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Bab's ,as what Bill Beck refers to you as . I have fished with Bill for quite a few years as a customer and have met you several times when I have been down to nthe lake. I know Bill was fishing the Central tourney this weekend and was trying to find standings after yesterday but have come up with nothing. Any info on how they did going into today?

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