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Not Your Everyday Dead Animal In The Creek.


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I was wading up Hickory creek doing some trout fishing, when I saw this in the creek. It was in a riffle about a foot deep, it looked alive the way it was positioned on the creek bottom.


Jeremy Dodson

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Happens every year actually.. Kids get these things and they get loose, forage for food and manage to last.. Until the first few cold days.

Poor Lizard, to think that some poor south american kid worked his butt off to catch that thing and sell it for a penny... (Naw, most are grown in captivity for markets around here)


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Is that a green iguana? Freaky stuff. Reminds me of the time my buddy caught a 2' alligator in Lake Ontario. PC

Cheers. PC

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That's a strange critter for sure. I thought I saw your pickup near the creek Thursday, if I hadn't been in a hurry I would have stopped by and said hi.

I wonder what else we'll find in the creek today when we do our last cleanup of the year. :D

If fishing was easy it would be called catching.

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