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St Croix Premier Spinning Rod


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This rod is collecting dust, and I'm hurting for fishing money. I'll take 70.00 and I will cover the shipping anywhere in MO.

If anyone is interested sound off or shoot me a PM. Otherwise it's going on Ebay.

6'6" St.C Premier, lite, fast action, 1/16-5/16oz., 2 piece. Made in the U.S.A.

Used, in good condition, no nicks, scratches or dings in the blank anywhere.

Thanks, Wrench

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would you consider possible trades? I have a Falcon orig. 4-166 I am fixing to sell maybe a LH Daiwa td-s, also have a diawa spinning combo that is a 6'6"MH

the St croix sounds like the perfect trout rod for my needs.


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Ordinarily I would be happy to work out a trade, Mike, but to be honest I'm hurtin' for gas money now. Wish I could though.

This Premier would make a sweet trout rod, throws rapala's like a dream.

wifes been off for 7 months, thats why Im looking to trade :)


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