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I've noticed this forum was empty a while back - and it's time someone posted here.

I keep my sailboat on Keystone. It's a great lake for sailing, and a mediocre lake for fishing. Catfish account for about 90% of what gets pulled out of this lake, though they are fairly tasty as far as Catfish go.

Anybody have anything to add?

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Years ago (70's and 80's)I fished Keystone fairly regularly. It was the closest to my home in Tulsa. There were several coves within a mile or two of Washington Irving that held substantial crappie. It held many small stripers but didn't seem to grow the large ones well - a water depth and oxygen issue I think. Most of the bass I found were back of creek cove type fish.

The lake was placed where it is for political reasons and will not last as long as Corps lakes usually do. There is a silt problem due to its location. When the time comes to dredge or open the dam it will be a mess.

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Doesn't seem to be a lot of Oklahoma anglers on this site, which is a shame,it would be good to get some reports. I'm close to OK and I do make it over to Grand Lake every once in a while to catfish, it's an excellent lake for cats.

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Traffic will pick up in a month or so on lakes... may be it will here. It's a new forum/section and will take time to catch on. Right now it spread by word of mouth.

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