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Trav Is Back


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..expect the truth....that is who I am!! Even if I may be wrong about people, fishing is the truth as I say it...........I give honest secrets of those selfish pros.

Time is on my side and I have used my time to expand my expertise beyond the "monster" of Lower Taney. Everyone knows Lower Taney is probably the most difficult body of water in the Ozarks. We also know that I have it mastered. These past months, relocation has perfected my knowledge on Pomme, Stockton, Truman, and I have The Rock figured like a playbook. People who fish with me have learned to hate the big deep water because it is where I find the big ones.

We all know my prowess to find the uncanny on Lower Taney. I used big bass tactics I learned in Panama to catch dozens of trophy brownies out of the deeps in unseasonal conditions south of Rockaway. And lets not forget I had that small fishery/fish bowl figured out. Granted...I grew up on the the Lower Taney giving me an advantage. I know the currents and the cycles of a fish bowl fishery. And I will continue to tell OzarkAngler Forum readers the dish on it but I have decided to slide my focus on our natural fisheries.

Oh, What a time I have had!!

I surrounded myself with guys who know the stuff this past year. Personally I have had two muskie over 30 inches and three walleye running five pounds...and the bass is numerous. Beyond any of the reports I have obvserved on here.

I have made it a personal endeavor to saturate myself with knowledge. And this year I am going to tell all the secrets. No hidden honey holes, no crazy stuff...just straight up reporting. Consider me as your man with the plan.

I am not going to just give out these reports but I plan on taking average Joes like yourself with me. OzarkAngler Forum members will be submitting their reports as well. The goal is to give the catch and release bass man who is living here in the Ozarks the experience to learn the crap all these guides refuse to share. And I am going to do it for free.

We all know Trav has been less of a secretive dick in the past....those days are continuing. From this day on...Trav will be the guy everyone credits for them being a better fisherman. Time to open the books! Time to fish with Trav.

"May success follow your every cast." - Trav P. Johnson

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Welcome back. I'm looking forward to your reports.

If fishing was easy it would be called catching.

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Post of the year so far. Welcome back Trav. I gotta give you credit for referring to yourself in the third person too. That is big time.

I would like to see a blog. Maybe "Taney Shores" with Trav-"The Situation"

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Awesome .... a new chapter in the "Trav Experience!" Trav is back! Let's go fishing. :D PC

Cheers. PC

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Welcome back Trav! I've missed your posts.

Sign me up.

The only good line is a tight line

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