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Short Hearsay Report

Bill Babler

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Ran in to, two boats full of guys gasing up at Cedar Jct. Last evening. Both rigs had fished Bull Shoals Friday and Saturday. Asked how they did and got the thumbs down. One of the teams had fished the derby last weekend, and I believe he said they weighed in over 18 pounds. Said last weekend they had 15 keepers, all on stickbaits.

Friday and Saturday fishing the same and similar areas, both boats in two days had 8 bass with 2 small keeper K's and about a 1/2 dozen short walleye. He said they just could not get them figured out this weekend.

With Hawndog catchin 5 keeps at 17.5 in a short 4 hrs. He still has it figured.

Going to try and get down there in the next week or two. It sounds like it is way ahead of the Rock.

Thanks for the reports from down there.

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