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Heading down to our place on Bryant and was wondering if anyone had been fishing on it lately. Haven't been since Turkey season with the crappie, bass and cats at LOZ, but figured Bryant would be the only place that wouldn't be nuts this weekend. Therre was some (what seemed like good) pointers on cats in small streams/rivers in this past issue of MO Game & Fish that we might try. Even may do a day on NFWR - probably Monday or a short trip one evening.

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I was on the North Fork all day Monday....I might have seen you???

Did you end up floating NF or Bryant?

How did you do?

I always mean to get out on the Bryant but seem to end up on the NFork.

Did pretty well Mon early am. 7 rainbows in first hr of daylight.

Then floated / fished all day with the masses of canoes and picked up about 8-9 more literally in between the canoes/tubers.

Looks like you may be close to Lake of the Ozarks? I'm in Sunrise Beach on the west side of the lake.


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I'm in Springfield. My folks have a place on Bryant and my grandfolks left us a place on the 6mm in 4 Seasons at LOZ. But to the fishing:

Never did get over to NFWR. It's just so easy to walk down to the Creek that it's hard to get the motivation to drag all the gear over there. From what I've heard the fishing is particularly good at night, and I wanted to hold some larger Rainbow Trout swim baits just above the larger holes in the Red Ribbon area to see if I could coax some big brown into biting. Maybe I'll get to that next weekend.

The Bryant seemed to be rather slow. Caught a few smallmouth every hour, with most being less than 12 inches. Tried dropping nightcrawlers next to deeper brush for catfish, but only caught one small channel. On Monday downstream from Warren Bridge I caught the largest Smallmouth of my life out of an Ozark stream. (I should mention that I've never fished any of our state's reservoirs that contain Smallies.) It was an 18-20" fish, probably about 3-4 lbs. I was using light tackle (6 lbs. line - I prefer green) and 1/8oz. Chomper jig head with a 4" watermelon Chomper - the one that has two twister tails and a skirt at the top. It was a heck of a fight and he almost wrapped me up a couple of times. Took a bit to revive, but he's still swimming in there somewhere.

Should mention that we saw maybe one or two other canoes all weekend on the Bryant. Also, you'd know us if you'd saw us. We have a camo canoe with a trolling motor, seats, anchor and full sets of sun gear. Last time I was on NFWR some girls made fun of us for "overdoing it." Didn't reply, but I'm sure she ended up drunk and sunburnt by day's end. Anyhow, if you're spending all day in the sun as many times during the year as possible you need the extra protection. And I've heard fish can smell sun lotion.

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Well, finally got the pic back from my buddy. Had to scan it, so I hope it shows up alright. Heading back down this weekend to keep an eye on my younger brother and his friends, but might find some time to wet a line. Let me know if anyone else will be down there too.


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