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Fishin With Mr. B

Ranger Z22

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On Monday 10/25, I finally hooked up with Mr. Babler for a morning of fishing.

Finally being the key word here. I was scheduled to go in August, but Bill wanted to cancel because of the heat and no bite. That right away told me that this guy is straight shooting and will do what it takes to keep his customers happy. Also during this time, and I was not aware of this, Bill's boat blew up, he left me an e-mail that I could not pick up until yesterday. but none the less he was there, (thanks Bill Beck for letting Bill borrow your boat).

Our day started in a little fog, but that did not interfere with Bill making sure we were going to move until we found 'em. We hit several spots and kept moving until of course at the end of our day, we did well. When you fish with Bill you are fishing what he is fishing, at one time I had 5 rods to use. Many times a guide will use another approach and you keep using the same technique, until he finds a new pattern, Bill believes in team work and keep his customer involved to catch fish. The quality of equipment is second to none, he is using the same equipment you are.

The day flew by, and I cannot wait to go again. I recommend to everyone who wants to go out with a guide, Bill should be in your group of guides to select from.

Don H


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I have been with Bill on two occasions and he is a Class Act!!! Loved it and learned a ton. What were you guys doing? Jigs? Warts? I will be down in maybe a week for about 4 days. Just want to start organizing my gear.


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