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Any idea how long the lake will be drawn down for the dam repairs? what is the best ramp to use in the low conditions?

I put in at Hermitage on Saturday with no problems. Lot to see with the water so low. Wish they'd drop it a few more feet just to get a better idea of what's normally under water.

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We used Lightfoot, Nemo, and both State Park ramps with no trouble. It is a bit dicey getting back to pick up a passenger in some spots.

The repairs are supposed to take till May. Rain will fill her up if we get any.

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As of today it is 4.5' low. It will stay that way all winter long if we don't get much rain. They will let it get 20' above pool before they would even consider letting water out. As far as I have heard it will still be sometime around May before the project is completed.

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