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  1. I am having the same problem of not seeing pics on this site. Anyone have a solution? Thanks
  2. Wow this place is slow... Hoping to get out Sunday and Monday. Whatcha catching??
  3. How was the fishing? What did it take to win?
  4. Ketchup, How did the tin crew do ?
  5. Not up in the river, not back in a cove...
  6. Someone started this topic on Table Rock thread... Who does rod repair near Pittsburg??
  7. Was out Fri and Sat. Water is very murky down by Nemo, but much clearer (maybe 4 ft visibility ) up by the dam. Once you get up past about point 6 on the Pomme you get the same very stained, muddy, water. Bass were just not cooperating for us and most that we did catch were about 7 inches long.
  8. Saturday was really tough for the bass. Sunday was a much better day. The fish I am finding have not moved too far back into the coves and are partial to a jig.
  9. Great Job! I got after the bass good last weekend, and will be back tomorrow.
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