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  1. Haven’t been able to get out for couple weeks so not a lot of help. I am hoping to get out some this week also.
  2. I haven’t been out but from what I can see it’s still pretty dirty 8.5 feet high around 50 degrees and from what I was told quite a bit of floating trash on the upper end. Sorry not a lot of help but with the fishin reports I been getting I haven’t put my boat in.
  3. You need to learn to read your Livescope better there are no crappie in Pomme.😁
  4. I have a Husqvarna AWD push mower with 6.25 hp Briggs and Stratton engine. The original motor busted the block so I replaced it with the engine that’s on it. Motor and the drive system all work great. Asking $150.00.
  5. The tag on the unit is faded out and can’t read it but if I remember right it had a 40 amp breaker in the house it came out of. Sorry not any more help.
  6. I just got in the house and seen your post. I’ll have to run out tomorrow and see what I can find out. All I know now is it’s 220 volts.
  7. Pretty sure what that means is a canoe or kayak with any motor has to be registered even if it’s just a trolling motor doesn’t mean the trolling motor has to be registered as far as I know Missouri done away with registering trolling motors quite awhile back.
  8. Trolling motors don’t have to be registered in Mo. any more.
  9. Right hand Bowtech Carbon Knight .My son bought it new in 2014. 40-70 lb. draw weight 26.5”- 30.5” draw length. Nice shooting bow that comes with quiver, release, sights, drop away rest , stabilizer and 3 arrows. He’s asking $400.
  10. Be great if someone wants to put AC in their shop.
  11. Had some people asking so I looked and it is a 2 1/2 ton unit.
  12. Sold to Duck pending pickup next week.
  13. Also have a package unit central air if anyone is interested. Had it for a back up for the kids house before they moved. Not sure how many tons it is could move some stuff and find the I’d plate if someone is interested it came out of a double wide. Asking $300
  14. Older Troy Bilt Pony tiller runs and tills good fresh oil change asking $200.
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