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Have Kc Ponds Been Stocked?


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Just wanting to know if the ponds have been stocked. I know that James A Reed seems to be the last one that you can fish. But any knowledge on the other KC ponds?

Just a poll for fun. Feel free to respond.

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Anybody know of a pond with trout near Stateline and 435 but preferably in Missouri?

I'm visiting family for Thanksgiving and might have some time to get out.

I'd like to fish in MO so I don't heve to buy a non-resident fishing permit for Kansas.

Actually I'll need to get out, it's my inlaws!!!

Help a brother out please.


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Alex George would be the closest. It's near the Blue River and 435. If you are coming from the west on 435 take Holmes exit south to Red Bridge Rd. Turn east and when you get to the Blue River Rd turn north. There is construction on Red Bridge at the Blue River, so I am not sure about traffic thru there.

Coming from any other direction, I take US-71 to Red Brdige exit in Grandview and west on Red Bridge to the Blue River Rd.

I fish at James A Reed in Lee's Summit. There are two trout ponds there.

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I went to Alex George last year and didn't catch any trout, but there were plenty of bluegill. James A. Reed- Coot and Plover lakes- was pretty dependable for the most part.

You can't see Alex George from 435 but it is pretty easy to find and I never saw anybody else there.

I'd offer to go with but I'll be freezing my butt off on the Meramec or Blue Springs next week.

Cute animals taste better.

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Hot line says they stocked today. It also says they are not stocking Alex George due to poor survival conditions. Check out James A Reed wildlife area. They stock Plover or Coot lakes. It's a bit further out but may well be worth it.

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Sorry about the Alex George reference. I read in the paper today the dropped stocking that lake because it is too shallow. So besides the two lakes at James A Reed, there is Lake Chaumiere in the northner part of KC and a new location being stocked is two lakes at the Fountain Bluff Sports Complex in Liberty.

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