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Jig,worm, Or Creature Bait


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I just joined yesterday and have been reading alot of topics and wanted to start another topic.

Well here it is:

Everyone likes the tap tap feeling at the end of our lines however what lure is at the end

or our line? I want to know what choices people prefer or have better results with different lures.

I fish all three lures: Jigs, Worms, Creature baits. All have produced similiar results. I am asking if there was only one lure to use what lure would you use? Jig, Worms, or Creature baits?

Let the discussion begin.

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Honestly, it all depends on the time of year... If I could only pick one though it would have to be a big worm. Not only will it generally produce fish, but I feel like the quality of the fish on average are a little better!

However, if I am simply going for numbers I might go with the jig...

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All around, and only one? JIG! Hands down. You can flip brush with a jig shallow (usually do anyway). Smallmouth-- Drag a football jig deeper (always a fun time)... Night fishing-- There's time when a big bulky jig with big trailer even out fishes the 10 inch worm. Flipping docks--Jig will do... Hey! You can swim em too! Ledges and bluffs, jigs are good to bounce down. Punching jigs through thick vegetation down south... Not only just out of those 3 choices, but if I could only use one lure out of ALL lures for the rest of my life, it would be a jig.

Set the hook first, ask questions later...

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I like, mststudent10, would chose the jig. fast slow deep shallow and you are alway throwing a big fish bait. If i could only fish one lure and had to go out and catch food to survive any season a jig would fill your tummy and your live well

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