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Bsl-Theodosia Arm 11-19-10


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Fished from 0700 until dark. Surface temp 58.5 in the morning and got all the way up to 60.8' in the afternoon.

The morning was cool, but when you got out of the wind in the afternoon, it was nice. Water was very clear with some stain on the surface on the wind blown banks.

Bass fished in the morning and got 14 to the boat. No legal keepers, but decent sized fish on a variety of baits. All the usual suspects for fall fishing in the wind. SB's, cranks, jerkbaits, and jigs.

Picked up Dr Steve Wilber in the afternoon for an exploratory crappie trip. We found some nice looking areas and caught 12 crappie with none being under 11 inches long. I've got fish to clean here in a little bit for dinner tonight. We caught all our fish on small jigs, but I know minnows would work also.

We also picked up quite a few big bluegill and bass while fishing for the crappie. I would rather have had more crappie, but it kept us busy.

I really enjoyed my day.

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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Ham, great report!. Any chance you might share what kind of structure and how deep the crappie were?

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Wood. Horizontal stuff is better than vertical, but both will work. The crappie have kinda moved shallow. I doubt that any of the fish we caught were themselves any deeper than 10 foot down, but they might have been in 40-50 foot of water. By that I mean to say, I'm not fishing 5 foot of water, but the crappie may (late in the day) not be any deeper than 5 foot.

Can we make it a law that every dock owner has to sink brush off the corners of their dock? I know we can't require that, but we all could eat crappie more often if we could. I feel like the crappie are

on docks with wood, but the docks I looked at yesterday didn't have any obvious brush (or fish) around them. Too bad.

As always, different groups of fish are doing different things. The majority of crappie may still be really deep.

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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