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Looking For A Book

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Hello Brain-Trust,

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a copy of "FLIES" by J. Edison Leonard? It was printed around 1950 and has some nice info on fly types, proportions and about 2200 patterns not seen much these days.

Thanks in Advance!


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I'd head over to Amazon.com. They have a huge network of used book dealers. I've bought several old /out-of-print books that way.


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The good used /online bookstores out here should be able to find one of the the original hardcovers if your looking for that . Otherwise the reprint that they did in the eighties is available in paperback and hardcover in many places

If you got to Alibris.com and do a search by author it will bring up some of his books and a listing of bookstores that have it and a fair description of condition if you want the original printing (1950 )

If not Here are some ebay links for the reprints



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