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Fishing Today

Phil Lilley

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Bill and I wanted to get out before the holidays and before it got cold again so we headed out this morning about 9:30. Put in at K-Dock and headed up to Snapp. Fished the drop off the flat. The flat is 2.5 feet deep and it drops off to 30 feet real quick... stumps lined all the way down, just ask Bill. How many did you lose??? 20? I lost my share. Caught a couple of whites, 8 crappie, 1 keeper walleye and some blue gill - assorted bass, small. No chop most of the day. Did try down off the flat out from the ramp and caught a couple of crappie and small bass. Smoke swimming minnows caught most of the fish. Bill jerked a stick bait and caught 3 of the biggest crappie- 2 pounders. I did the best using 1/16th oz jig heads instead of 1/8th. The fish came off the flat and the drop both places. Lots and lots of shad. Water was 47 degrees and slight current.

No- not out of town... fishing!

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