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I would just like to congratulate everybody that has a part in this forum! Phil you've done one heck of a job and i'm not just rooster pootin' ya! the fish cam, postint peoples pictures for them, etc,... that's alot of work that goes above and beyond what most site's owners would do,... GOOD JOB, looking forward to many more years of fishin stories and great tips!! :D


I didn't go to college,... I was too busy learning stuff. --Ted Nugent

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Yeah Phil great job. I hope you reap some busines for all your work and dedication. I've appreciated this site since it's inception I think. I can't fish as much as I would like (eneryday) and it helps to get away so to speak. For guys like me that live in St. Louis or other urban areas it helps to check in and read about other's fishing trips and just talk fishing. Man I wish lived down there. Again, great job.


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