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Tying the micro jig

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I have been tying micro jigs and wanted to get some opinions. Last trip down to Taney I was using a /124 oz when the water came up and not getting many bites. I trimmed the maribou at the bottom to just below the hook (straight across) and it seemed to help. Is there any general length guideline to go by when tying these things?

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I have noticed that sometimes they prefer the lazy action created when the tail is shortened. Depends on the mood of the fish I think.

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  • Root Admin

I've found that a straight cut jig is no where as affective as a pinched cut. If you hold tight the part you don't want to cut and pull the ends off with the other hand, it leaves a rough edge.

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Phil is absolutely correct. I've been told by proficient fly tiers, never cut marabou, always tear.


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Yup. I just pinch it at the length I want and then tear the marabou off. The individual strands just pop off where you're pinching it. It keeps the tips naturally ragged, which improves the action of the marabou.

By the way, what size and color are you tying?

Paul Rone

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