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Another Greenie Pic


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Not obsessed with green sunfish or anything--just been playing with close ups recently and greenies are the majority of what I've been catching.

This is with the discontinued Sigma 24-70 mm f/2.8 macro. With a 1:3.8 magnification ratio, I don't think it's actually a true macro (that means 1:1, right?) but it focuses at 15.5" and 70mm, which gives lots of detail.


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I don't think calling Drew those names, however true they may ne, is allowable on this forum no matter the language, sir.

(but seriously: "the kooks have drawn"? WTF?)

I have spent most of my money on fly fishing and beer. The rest I just wasted.


The latest Trout Commander blog post: Niangua River Six Pack

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Camera-nerd-ese, an obscure English dialect.

Even for Japanese cameras.

There's a fine line between fishing and sitting there looking stupid.

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Sigma always made nice lenses. I have a couple collecting dust with my 35mm. I wonder if I can make them work with my digital Pentax? Nice close up!

Tim Carpenter

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