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Kansas City Area Angler Saying Hello.


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Howdy Folks,

Name's Micah, 36 years old. Live in Kansas City with my wife, two sons (12, 2) and an all white 4 year old German Shepherd. Love to fish. Bass, Trout, Crappie whatever's biting. I don't really harvest much, (not in two years). You could say I'm trying my best to be humble in the outdoors, conservation minded, and to always leave the resource better than I found it. My opportunities are sort of limited here in K.C. and not many of my friends fish. I own a customized Sevylor fh280, and a canoe. Trying to learn how to fly fish and bass fish. Most of my non Missouri experience has come in the form of inshore saltwater game fishing in Louisiana and fresh\saltwater fishing on the coast of Maine.

I've fished most of the large lakes in and around Kansas City, James a Reed, Roaring River, Montauk a few times, Crane Creek and a whole bunch of strip pits and ponds.

I guess that's about it for now. Thanks for your time. Definitely open to meeting some other anglers for some trips and advice.


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