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Brought To You By The River M

Guest P. owensby

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Guest P. owensby

Floated 7 miles on M river that flows into O river that flows into bigger M river. Great fishin', not the best float nor scenery. Sorry for the close up's, hard to paddle, hold a fish, a shoot a picture at the same time. Here are some pics...









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Guest P. owensby

darn dude, nice float again....good for you. It does suck to try to get pic by yourself. River M seems to be quite a fertile little stream even though it may not be scenic.

Don't get me wrong, their is still a couple of "classic Ozark pools", but their is also some areas that makes you feel like you are in the "valley of death", especially when the heat is on and the Turkey Vulture's are circling overhead. Kinda like the Bourbeuse, but a little more remote, just a little.

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