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Carp Waters Near Oregon County Missouri


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hi guys, just moved over from the UK, i brought all my carp fishing gear with me so all i have to do is find some water holding carp, coming from England carp waters are easy to find as our carp fishing is as popular as your bass fishing, would really appreciate any help, tight lines to you all :have-a-nice-day:

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You're in Oregon County, Missouri... just wanted to clarify that. Might think you're in the state of Oregon from the title.

Can't help you on carp fishing but I bet someone here can.

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I did...until I finally opened it up to see why a guy from Oregon was inquiring on a fishing forum based in the Ozarks. Might want to edit the title to your post and you might get more response.

There should be carp in just about every body of water you can find in that part of the state - or anywhere in the state for that matter. They are very common. Some places will have more than others, but you should find some.

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