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Dick's Sporting Goods Excellent Service.

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While reviewing my monthly statements, I noticed a higher than expected charge on a Dick's Sporting Goods transaction. A friend had found a Field Stream Angler 12' Kayak in the Carbondale location and I went along to help him pick it up. He made his decision in the store and picked up a paddle to go with it. The paddle was a good deal and I picked one up for myself. While they were carrying out and loading his purchase, I browsed for a few other items. He came back in and said his son was ready to eat, so I checked out my paddle. Instead of carrying a 240cm paddle thru the store in one piece, I had broken it into 2 pieces. The cashier rang it up as 2 paddles, I used my debit card, was distracted and did not pay attention in my haste to the total, and went to McD's to feed the kid.

Now, a month later, I dig out the receipt and see the charges and figured out what happened. I called the store and explained what had happened. The MGR did a little research and called me back to tell me that they would review the video of the register to see what happened. He called back tonight, verified that I had been charged twice and a gift card is in the mail.

Excellent job and a happy ending to what I thought would be a very expensive kayak paddle. There are still people that excel in serving the customer.

"Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously."

Hunter S. Thompson

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Dick's occasionally has some good deals on canoes and kayaks and other floating accessories (I bought my canoe there), but aside from that they're pretty mediocre IMO, especially in the fishing department...it's mostly junk. It's good to hear they corrected their mistake, though.

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Just dont work for them. I had a hell of time being pushed around and treated like dirt while working there. They also liked to have manditory, after hour non-payed meetings. Maybe the others are good, but the one in west county mall was not a fun place to work for. the customers were always good, but the people runnign the show not so much

"When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

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