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We're Melting Up Here


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I had not been out because of the heat, but I am running out of days before I report for pre-school year teacher training. That starts Monday and I have kids in the room the Monday after that.

I went out shortly before 6:00 and motored down lake to Rock Creek. I spent less than an hour catching dink bass on topwater before I gave up and started walleye fishing. Caught two off the long point there on a worm harness. One measured. Also caught bluegill and tangled with what I am pretty sure was a large cat fish. Had it on for over a minute but never got it close to the boat. The line was abraided above the hook and the hook itself was open.

Headed back up lake around 10:00 and stopped to troll at five locations. Caught two more flatlining a crankbait. One measured. Picked up several small bass as well.

All walleye hit baits 26 feet down and all were suspended in or near brush.


Just after noon the surface temp hit 90 and I ran for cover.

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It clouded up for a bit but never came close to thunder and lightning. If it had I would have been off the lake ASAP.

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Guest Buck Creek Mike

Sounds like a productive trip to me. I was at TR (Big Cedar) last weekend and I always love it down there. I didn't bring the boat this time, but I am bringing it down for an extended stay over Labor Day and I hope to do some bass fishing then. I will be staying at Big Cedar again, as a general rule is there good fishing near there? The only place I am really familiar with is Lake of the Ozarks, so if anyone needs help there for crappie fishing let me know.

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The fishing in that area is excellent, although the depth and the boat traffic may require different tactics than I use here at the other end of the lake.

Flip docks and spoon their connective lines. Drop shot and jig would be the other likely producers. Have a great time.

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I think our Fearless Leader will be back (maybe) from up nort by Labor Day. If it's bass fishing tips you want, Bill Babler knows more and tells more then most guides. You might consider booking a day or half day with Bill. That's a good way to learn a few years experience on Tablerock, in one day....

And yes, rps is right on....Great fishing the lower end of TR and near Big Cedar....The only places better are Aunts Creek and Holiday Island. (snicker, snicker).

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