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Hair Lip Frog


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This is a fly I have been playing with. It's landed a couple of fish the short time I have been able to put it in the water.

Supplies. I have no idea, sitting here in my office, what that hook is but I will check tonight and let ya know.


Gonna need some rubber legs.


And some eyes.


General tying supplies. The q-bond is just super glue.


Put a little base of thread back from the eye a little. Whip finish and cut the thread.


Cut off a section of a foam cylinder about a half inch long.


And impale that upon your hook.


Add some super glue to that thread base and slide the foam over it. Make sure it's straight!!


Start your thread again behind the foam.


Cut you a section of furry foam and tie that to the bottom of the hook.



Now cut the same size section of regular foam and attach it to the top.



Time to add some legs. Make sure you split them evenly on both sides. I like multiple colors.



Now it's time to form the body. Fold the top foam over and measure for the cut.


You will need to make a hole for the hook eye to go through and you will want to taper it a bit on the end.


Glue the tag end of the top foam to the cylinder on the bottom. And even though it shows it in the photo, you should have whip finished and removed the thread by now. We are all done with that.


Now we are going to do the same basic steps with the furry foam.


Cut a nice taper and glue it to the top foam.


Now we are going to have to do something about that hole in the side.


Drop a little super glue in that gap on the black foam and squeeze the top and bottom of the foam together. Do one side at a time to make it easier. At this point your fingers are probably glued to the fly and you are mad at me. Remember I said a little glue.


Cut your legs to the desired length.


Add some eyes.


and presto!






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All those women in your house must be making you a mite nervous...looks like wolverines got to your fingernails.

The one in the water...did you coat that head or does it just look shiny because of the water? Looks great.

Not everyone can afford a mani and pedi each week like you.

Not coated with anything just shiny from the water.



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Uhhhh......that one's a boy frog!!!!

Furry foam or fuzzy foam???? Bought it a Bass Pro.

Well, then, I have a friend who might be interested...

In any case, I was just sticking with the previously established themes. It's really slick looking frog, if that were at BPS I'd definitely buy it over most of their other stuff.

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That's a great looking frog Ronnie. I think I'll tie some up as soon as I can find some furry foam. BTW, what size hook did you use?

If fishing was easy it would be called catching.

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