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Tfo Finesse 3Wt 4Pc


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The G Loomis Eastfork is very light, has a good drag system to it, I think they run about $150 or so.

My brother uses the same rod for his Utah/Nevada mountain stream fishing. I will ask him what reel he uses.

Try this website for the reels.

Fly Shop Closeouts

You are so stupid you threw a rock at the ground and missed.

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I like my White River Osprey, $100 from Bass Pro. Not sure if it would be as light/small as you'd like though. Also, the Lamson Konic seems to have many fans on this forum, about $130.

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Orvis is currently running a sale on the original Battenkill Disc Drag reel (this is not the newer Battenkill Barstock reel). They have the small reel for line weights 3-5 on sale for $75. Here is the link - you will have to determine if it is light enough to balance well on your rod.


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.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸ ><((((((º>

I look in my fly box and think about what should guide my choice of the best fly: the amount/angle of sun on the water, the water temp & clarity, what bugs are hatching, what the fish might be eating, and what worked last time. Then I remember what an old man told me... " Ninety percent of what a trout eats is brown, fuzzy, about 1/2 inch long and underwater."

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